Tenorman & Voodoo Drummer are celebrating 7 years, 17 countries & 594 live shows, so Last Day Deaf is more than happy to be the Media Partner for the 29th March festive live appearance of “The Alchemists of Surreal Cabaret” Opera Chaotique. For this special occasion the duet will be joined on stage by soprano Lito Messini, cellist Stavros Parginos & well-respected singer Dimitra Papiou. This, not-to-be-missed live will take place at FAUST Bar-Theatre-Arts (Athens, Greece)!

Organised by: FAUST Bar-Theatre-Arts

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Opera Chaotique-Bio

Opera Chaotique were formed in 2011 by Tenorman (aka George Tziouvaras) and Voodoo Drummer (aka Chris Koutsogiannis). Before joining forces and turning their backs to respectable music, they both led promising careers in their respective music genres.

As an opera singer, pianist and composer, George Tziouvaras has performed with many Symphony Orchestras and worked with artists such as Ennio Morricone and Cheryl Studer. He’s sung some of opera’s most famous parts and composed original music for theatre plays.
Chris Koutsogiannis has toured the world as a jazz and blues drummer, performing live and recording with many artists, including Meschiya Lake and Michael Dotson. His research on the roots of drumming has brought him to amazing places like Cuba, Brazil and West Africa.

Opera Chaotique’s unique music style and captivating live performances, have got them rave reviews and a growing cult following. The band has toured extensively in Europe and beyond, performing in a wide range of venues: from theatres to Goth clubs, and Jazz bars to Rock festivals. Some of their most recent appearances include venues such as Stuttgart’s Theaterhaus, Berlin’s White Trash & Lido , Barcelona’s Harlem Jazz Club and festivals like as UK’s Secret Garden Party, Spain’s MPB and Athens’ Rockwave.

“A musical experience entirely unique, deep and well made” – thus spoke Where Y’at Magazine of New Orleans, about Opera Chaotique’s debut album “Death of the Phantom of the Opera”, featuring Bob Brozman and Tuxedomoon’s Bleine Reininger.

The band released its second album, “Poems of a Dirty Old Man”, inspired by Charles Bukowski, with very special guest artists Lousiana Red and the Tiger Lillies’ frontman Martyn Jacques.