Opera Chaotique is a surreal cabaret, an eccentric duo which mixes the sounds of opera and jazz, and also experiments with other genres as well. Tenorman (aka George Tziouvaras, vocals/piano/narration) and Voodoo Drummer (aka Chris Koutsogiannis, drums/tricks/mystery) take us to worlds of fantasy and surrealism since 2011. This year they are recording their third album ‘Muses Of The Damned Artists’. On March 29th they perform at FAUST Bar-Theatre-Arts in Athens, within their European tour.

Tell us about the new album ‘Muses Of The Damned Artists‘. In your point of view, what makes an artist to be “damned” and, apart from that, why did you choose the particular artists to sing about?

The damned artist has a soul that can’t find peace even after the creation of his masterpiece and his life is an inspiration for others. These particular artists are among our favorites.

You have collaborated with many great artists in this album (Alex Foster, Adrian Stout, Miltos Paschalides, Marc Collin, Vinicio Capossela). What is the most important part of their contribution for you?

Everyone has added his unique touch to our music. We are grateful!!!

In your previous album ‘Bukowski: Poems Of A Dirty Old Man‘ you composed Bukowski’s poems. what is more challenging, setting music to a poem or creating an original song inspired from the life and work of a famous artist?

We prefer both!!! Music to our favorite poems is marvelous and composing our songs is a wonderful expression!!!

Your work and stage performance is characterized as having a dark and sarcastic/twisted humor. Does this feature accompany you in your daily lives?

Chris tried to commit suicide twice and George has manic depression, but life is complicated anyway!!!!!!!!!!!

Which characters, living and fictional, have the most overwhelming influence on you as artists?

Devil / Charles Bukowski / Voodoo Queen of New Orleans / Amedeo Modigliani / Tom Waits / Marquis de Sade.

You have received many positive reviews for your work and appearances in Greece and in other countries as well. Was it hard to gain this recognition?

It’s hard in general out there. We everyday try to share our music with the world & we’re just in the beginning.


What other activities do you have besides Opera Chaotique?

Voodoo Drummer is just a gigolo and Tenorman mainly a thief in small jobs!!!

On March 29th you perform at FAUST Bar-Theatre-Arts in Athens. Are you going to present mainly your new material?

We will present our new show “Women who changed the world” and songs from our upcoming cd.

Thank you very much for your time! add anything you wish to close this interview.

Cu @Faust folks!!!!!!!!

Photo credits: Andrey Kezzyn

Mary Kalaitzidou