We are excited to announce that Last Day Deaf is one of the Media Partners for the upcoming two live appearances of ex-Can singer Damo Suzuki (Damo Suzuki’s Network), along with Chickn and Naxatras that will take place at KYTTARO Live Club, in Athens. on 13th June and 8Ball Club in Thessaloniki.


The longtime lead vocalist for Krautrock pioneers Can, Kenji “Damo” Suzuki was born in Japan on January 16, 1950. An expatriate street poet inspired by Jack Kerouac’s On the Road, he spent the better part of the late 1960s wandering through Europe, and while busking outside a cafe in Munich in May of 1970 was discovered by Can members Holger Czukay and Jaki Liebezeit; asked to replace the group’s former frontman Malcolm Mooney, Suzuki joined them onstage that very night, making his recorded debut later that same year on the LP Soundtracks. With Suzuki in the lineup, Can produced its most enduring and innovative work, including classic LPs like 1971’s Tago Mago, 1972’s Ege Bamayasi and 1973’s Future Days; however, upon completing work on the latter, he left the band to become a Jehovah’s Witness. Absent from music for a decade, in 1983 Suzuki began showing up unannounced to perform at shows by the band Dunkelziffer, eventually joining the group full-time and recording a pair of LPs; in 1986, he formed the Damo Suzuki Band with fellow Can alum Liebezeit on drums, Dominik von Senger on guitar, and Matthias Keul on keyboards. Four years later the group mutated to become Damo Suzuki and Friends, its loose-knit lineup playing in and around the Cologne area on a weekly basis; in 1998, he founded the Damo’s Network label, issuing a series of live recordings including V.E.R.N.I.S.S.A.G.E., Seattle and the seven-CD box set P.R.O.M.I.S.E..


Facebook event (Athens)

Facebook event (Thessaloniki)