• Q & A with Pedro Peñas Robles aka HIV+ from Unknown Pleasures Records

Please give us a brief bio of the label. How did it start, til today….

Unknown Pleasures Records was created in 2013 by Pedro Peñas Robles aka HIV+ to propose cold wave, minimal wave, synth pop and EBM artists releases as well as pay tribute to pioneer of the post punk – new wave early period.

Which labels inspired you most to make your own?

Mute, Factory, 4AD, Wax Trax! Records, Minimal Wave, Zone.

Which is the motto for Unknown Pleasures?

We spit from a great height on the idea of a system that reduces music to a minor role. Music is an art- form, and its independence is essential in order to be able to offer up authentic artists, who operate from beyond the scope of any business propositions and sclerotic production lines. Unknown Pleasures Records is the answer to the lifelessness and mediocrity of the current music scene.

Which are the advantages and disadvantages of running a music label today?

The advantage of running a label today is to receive and listen to very good music. The disadvantage of a label today is the difficulty of having chronicles in magazines without paying.

Which are your future plans for the label?

New release of Der Himmel über Berlin. We signed also Mr Nô and Principia Audiomatica.

  • Three distinctive Unknown Pleasures Records releases


European Ghost – ‘Pale And Sick

Among kraut music, drones, dark wave and post-punk, the European Ghost. If you like Joy Division, Bauhaus, Minimal Compact, Birthday Party, PIL, Cabaret Voltaire, Alan Vega, Psychic TV, Siouxsie & the Banshees, Sonic Youth or The Soft Moon this music is for you!


BLACK EGG – ‘Songs Of Death And Deception

Best side project of Norma Loy founder Ushersan, acoustic neo folk/dark folk.


Maman Küsters – ‘Sous La Peau De Maman Küsters

Best analog EBM from France.








Curated by: Mike Dimitriou