Highly influential New Zealand band The Bats have just released the visuals for the single ‘No Trace’ taken from their brilliant brand new ninth album, ‘The Deep Set’ via the seminal Flying Nun Records label.

Hailing from Christchurch since New Year’s eve of 1982, and fronted by singer, guitarist and songwriter Robert Scott, also a founding member of The Clean alongside the Kilgour brothers, The Bats were one of the leading players in the building and defining of the legendary ‘Dunedin sound’ along with incredible bands like Straightjacket Fits, The Chills, The Verlaines, Sneaky Feelings, Tall Dwarfs, Bailter Space and the abovementioned The Clean.

The enduring quartet, comprised also of Kaye Woodward on lead guitar and vocals; former Toy Love Paul Kean on bass; ex-BuildersMalcolm Grant on drums, was typified by a signature psych-tinged jangle-folk pop guitar sound through a career spanning more than 30 years peaked with the debut 1987 full lenght ‘Daddy’s Highway’, their immaculate masterpiece.

Six years are passed since their magnificent ‘Free All The Monsters’ LP, but the magic of their out time formula has remained amazingly unaffected, just for the sake of music in its purest unfettered beautiful form, and ‘No Grace’ couldn’t be the finest example.

Fabrizio Lusso