Five fresh tunes that invaded our “sonic universe” will be presented every now and then with Instant Karma. Futhermore, we invented ‘The Karmo-meter’ for you. Ready? Go! 

Who: Spiral of Silence

Belgian cold wave/post punk, often referred to as the ‘Belgian Joy Division’

The track: Toll

In a few words: Spiral of Silence recently returned in action after almost 20 years, with a new song, ‘Toll’. The band that toured with legendary artists like Gary Numan, DAF and Front 242 in the early 2000’s, sound in top form and gift us with an emotive, post punk/dark wave ear-candy ahead of their upcoming album to be  released on the UK based Jezus Factory Records. Among the greatest returns of 2021 so far!

The Karmo-meter: 

Who: The Color Forty Nine

The band hails from San Diego, California and consists members of bands such as The Black Heart Procession, The Album Leaf, and Maquiladora.

The track: String Ladder

In a few words: The Color Forty Nine’s ‘String Ladder’ is a 5-minute slow-burner, which gradually builds up into its emotional climax, and according to the band ‘carries themes of exploration, of relationships, of borders, of futures, pasts, and of self.’ The song’s unique lyricism is ideally combined with the video, that is a collaboration between painter Christopher Wassell, vocalist Phil Beaumont, and animator, Lianne Mueller. A track that will pay off the patient listeners, and will transport them in the group’s dazzling, lyrical universe. On repeat!

The Karmo-meter: 

Who: Poledo

Poledo is the bedroom project of Owen Kenney. A mix of 90’s slacker rock and anxiety.

The track: Or

In a few words: For all those 90s “indie/lo-fi/slacker rock kids”, Poledo is the best placebo. ‘Or’ is more 90s than 90s themselves, a 100% diy loud, but also extremely catchy slacker hymn for the Generation X. Sounds like the bastard child of Modest Mouse, Built To Spill & The Halo Benders.  Brilliant stuff!

The Karmo-meter: 

Who: don’t get lemon

don’t get lemon reflect a flickering beat off the stars of their Texas hometowns.

The track: Working Man’s Ballet

In a few words: don’t get lemon’s latest release ‘Working Man’s Ballet’ is about Alan Hudson, a footballer from the 70s, and the title comes from his autobiography of the same name; Sound-wise, this one is an addictive blend of post punk, synth-pop & new wave, with tons of energy and from its initial seconds will carry you away to its danceable mood. For a few seconds, thought I had been back in 1981, and started looking around for my rusty video recorder, my Stickers’ collection & the  “Incredible Hulk” comics! But fuck, it’s 2021, pandemic era and this opus with the killer synth-line is the best antidote!

The Karmo-meter: 

Who: Aaron Taos

A Brooklyn-based singer and songwriter playing cool indie music

The track: Ain’t Over You (ft. Hadji Gaviota)

In a few words: ‘Ain’t Over You’ is the first single off Aaron Taos’ upcoming LP dropping this summer, produced by Frans Mernick. Hadji Gaviota collaborated ideally with Taos in this catchy, indie pop treasure that will keep you alert until the day this dude’s album drops!

The Karmo-meter: 

Christos Doukakis