Five fresh tunes that invaded our “sonic universe” will be presented every now and then with Instant Karma. Furthermore, we invented ‘The Karmo-meter’ for you. Ready? Go! 

Who: Pinemoon

Copenhagen-based Shoegaze Duo.

The track: Ghost Light

In a few words: ‘Ghost Light’ the newest single & video by Danish duo Pinemoon finds them in the best form so far, unleashing tons of emotion in this spine-chilling shoegaze inferno, reminiscent of their heroes Slowdive. The gradual build-up increases the tension, in each verse, in each bleeding guitar riff… Yup, you’ve guessed well, one of 2022’s definitive tunes it this one, and it’s an absolute tenner! This one is the first single from Pinemoon’s upcoming EP, out on 6th May via the German record label LIVE TALENT Records.

The Karmo-meter: 


From the DC area, making music since 2001, influenced by hip-hop culture, whose sound is primarily electronic based (Techno).

The track: Orion

In a few words: SAEKONE’s ‘Orion’ is an interstellar, hard techno treat, with impeccable production, hard-hitting beats,  futuristic vibes, and last but not least a healthy dose of 90s acid for topping for the maximum, pleasure! On fire…

The Karmo-meter: 

Who: Declan Ryan

16-year-old folk singer-songwriter from Brisbane, Australia.

The track: Far Again

In a few words: The maturity of this 16 y.o. lad, Declan Ryan, from Brisbane, Australia, is ultra rare, and his most recent single, self produced (!), ‘Far Again’ is the best proof. His vocal performance are warm, well-balanced between emotion and his youth’s naivety, while the spacious folk vibes and the melodies are guaranteed for the absolute listener’s comfort. A genuine talent!

The Karmo-meter: 

Who: Luna Blue

Brighton indie band Luna Blue (formed 2015) are Tom, Seb, Ryan & Nick.

The track: Lou Lou

In a few words: Simply cannot get enough of the uplifting, dance-y vibes of the indie pop-rock, and “instant karma”, latest single from Brighton’s up-and-coming quartet Luna Blue. This indie anthem will be the ideal party-starter for the band’s upcoming gigs, and we strongly suggest if you are a fan of upbeat brit pop not to miss those dudes live! Last but not least, in their own words “Lou Lou is a metaphor, the image of a perfect person who enters our lives for a split second, then is gone. A beautiful soul who fills the room and accepts us for what we are, accepts all our flaws.”

The Karmo-meter: 

Who: TabloMotif

TabloMotif is an independent music producer/creator, based in Melbourne, Australia.

The track: The Reds & Blues

In a few words: Last Day Deaf loves sonic explorations, and genre-bending tracks, and Aussie TabloMotif’s ‘The Reds & Blues’ contains both elements! The song is lovely mix of idm, experimental electronic,, trap and cinematic neoclassical, and it’s trippy enough to help you dream with eyes open! A bold melancholic, sonic drift!

The Karmo-meter: 

Christos Doukakis