Feel more than excited for today’s exclusive video premiere on Last Day Deaf, from Zurich, all-female, garage/alternative rock quartet BATBAIT and their killer new single ‘Sinking In‘. The track is taken off of their recently follow up to the January ‘Softness Pt. 1‘, ‘Softness Pt. 2‘. The addictive bass line is finely matched with the vocals full of attitude, and the gradual build-up add more to the value of this heavily 90s influenced, alternative/post punk hybrid. The artistic visualizer is also undertaken by the band themselves, revealing their pure, DIY ethos.

Once again Irascible Music has found the “gold vein”!

Press Notes:

« Softness, Pt. 2 » is the much-anticipated follow up to the Pt. 1 that was released in January. On the two new songs “Shitlife” and “Sinking In”, Batbait navigate from one extreme to another, showing once again the large spectrum with which one can deal with one’s emotions and fears. « Softness, Pt. 2 » is both music for parties and for the mind. On the second part of their EP, Batbait once again showcase their diversity. On the upbeat and very catchy «Shitlife», the band invite us for a dance. As if laughing while close to the cliff of despair. They sing “I hate my life, but that’s ok”, affirming it is normal not to have control on everything, not to be able to achieve everything that is expected from us, even when it is our own expectations we are letting down.

On “Sinking In”, guitar and bass lead the way with rich round sounds, while Batbait surrender to fatigue, somewhere between lethargy and security, letting themselves be enveloped by a deep fever dream. Finding the perfect balance between inner peace and emotional numbness, the close to sixminute track shows the band in a more melancholic light. Batbait have big plans for 2022. Together with Irascible Records, the young band is embarking on a great journey to the top, with a lot of shows lining up