Vox Eagle is the Aussie-American electro-psych pop duo, consisting of Andy Crosby and Luke Hamel. Experimental instrumentations combined with deep synths and driving beats has successfully allowed the duo to create a stunning EP enriched with a variety of sounds.

Vox Eagle emerged through a strong friendship, after Crosby and Hamel met whilst touring together in a previous band. During their time on the road, they discovered each other’s mutual interests and passion to create electronically influenced music that is contemporary and relevant to modern styles. Their bond and enthusiasm for collaborating is evident throughout the EP, Hamel explains, “I think the reason the songs are turning out to have some flavor and depth is that Andy and Ishare a core of stuff we both love dearly”.

Vox Eagle’s latest EP,‘’ drew inspiration from their travels andexperiences over the years.” The EP was written and recorded across the country, ranging from the mountains of Colorado to the forests of upstate New York, Mojave Desert, Midtown Manhattan, Los Angeles, and Las Vegas in various Air BNBs, hotels, trains and planes using the band’s mobile recording rig.  Crosby and Hamel would escape from the everyday hustle and bustle and immerse themselves entirely into the music. “I think the new locations help to keep the music fresh to us and to inspire different ideas while keeping us focused exclusively on the songs and not distracted by our respective lives.” explains Hamel.

Crosby and Hamel self-produced and engineered the entire record, allowing them to take complete control over their creative process. The result is a body of music that is both edgy and experimental while also maintaining mainstream appeal.  Their leading single ‘No Sleep’ demonstrates the band’s signature sound of atmospheric pop and ambient grooves. It’s cinematic vibes, contagious melodies and dance-worthy beats makes for the ultimate road-trip anthem.

Summer Now’ highlights the duo’s use of layered sampled beats, ethereal melodies and strong catchy hooks. Crosby explains, “We wanted to keep the songs fun, lots of rhythmic beat driven stuff, experimental instrumentations and synth sounds.” The vibrant  ‘Come Over’, evokes elements of tropical psychedelia.

Despite the duo still being in their infancy, Vox Eagle has received airplay on Australia’s famed Triple J. With a continually growing fan base, their highly anticipated upcoming EP is set for release May 26th 2017.