Our favorite rock/blues band have just released their latest full-length ‘Down’ (Inner Ear Records), and they are about to present it live on Sunday, May 14th, at ILION Plus, in an event organised by Merlin’s Music Box. So this interview is to arouse your appetite…

It’s been 5 years since the releases of your previous album and your latest one ‘Down’. What happened in between?

Tours, concerts, excursions, rehearsals, jams, discussions, quarrels, laughs, jokes. Whatever happens to all families.

A few days ago ‘Down’ was released via Inner Ear Records. In what way does it differ from your previous releases?

We are hoping it is different because it is boring to repeat yourself. Dimitris Demetriades‘ contribution to the sound and production of the album is a big difference. This guy has a beneficial effect on us.

One of the tracks that instantly caught my attention was ‘A Whisper’. Indie, swamp blues, cinematic. Any special story behind this gem?

It’s one of our oldest tracks. We composed it in 2001 but it was like cursed, we were not happy about it at all. Fortunately we did not put it on the previous album and after we rearranged it, it found its way.

What does “jamming” mean for Illegal Operation?

Jamming is the way we compose music. It is like a white paper were each of us puts some dots, some lines, some shapes, and this creates the big picture.

‘By A Pale Light’ lyrics were written by Tom Hollingworth. Any hints about this collaboration?

One of us had a bar in the center of Athens. An evening an unknown and a bit drunken tourist wrote these lyrics on a paper towel and gave it to us. Later, the co-owner of the bar told us that his name is Tom Hollingworth.

On May 14th you are going to appear live at ILION Plus for your latest album’s presentation. Any surprises?

No surprises. Good music on the decks by Lambros Papalexis, a live performance of the album by us and good times with all of our friends who will come to celebrate the release of ‘Down‘.

A tricky one:” …was formed to perform for just a single gig at the Athens Blues Festival in the summer of 2000. Called hobART phASE Blue Project for that particular appereance, the name did not last long”. What made you change your mind and still keep “this” alive?

What began as a one off live perfomance the next day became very precious to us. As if we were waiting for it for all of our lives and suddenly it just happened. Like all the great love affairs.


Recently you made a live appearance at Westside Festival. How was the experience like?

It was a very beautiful event, with nice weather, nice people and a very good vibe, in a city that we do not have the chance to play very often. These guys are trying with very little means to introduce an alternative way of entertainment to the people of Patras. We wish them the best for their efforts !

Future plans regarding the band?

Live concerts promoting the new album, jams, new material, new album and all over again…

Is there any question you have never been asked and would love to answer?

You just asked it !!!

Photo credits: Pavlos Kosmides (1st one)

Christos Doukakis