August 22nd, was the date of release of the second Hooligan Crooners’ EP on PWVA Records; French-English band with Nan Hools, singer, Barry Hools bass guitar player, Clément Passant, drummer and Kouett Bugman, guitarist. If you are a fan of the good sound of the punk rock years, then this band is for you. From the first notes we dive back in these years when The Jam, The Buzzcocks, The Only Ones, The Boys were letting out their great sound .

Hooligan Crooners is a band that plays in France, but as well in U.K. (Punk & Disorderly Festival, Salisbury, April 2017) & Germany (Wild At Heart, Berlin, August 2016). What follows is an interview with Nan Hools, the singer, whose particular voice makes us dream.

Thanks for accepting this interview Nan. Tell us your story so far please.

Nan Hools: In love with  rock music since I was a kid, the punk rock influence is the one which is the most important in my life, the attitude, the sound, the fury, this music , the spirit.. Speak to me more than everything. I have been playing since the age of 10 years, I played drums and was singing, but now I only sing. When I was 18 I moved to Manchester  where I learned a lot. After 5 years in The Buzzcoks‘ city, I went back to Paris.  But after an illness, I thought to myself: return to the music scene and do it. Hooligan Crooners was born. Barry is at the moment the most influential person for me, we understand each other, we know where we go, the music we want to give to people. Hooligan Crooners is: big and great sound with rough guitars, energy, joy, laughs and humour. It’s old school punk rock!

What were your main motivations for the formation of this group?

Nan Hools: The desire, to make good rock music, to play and feel buried sensations, share again with the group but also with people, give them smiles.

Who is  responsible for composing?

Nan Hools: Barry principally, sometimes I help him or sign few tracks but Barry writes everything.

Which is your best musical memory? Your best meeting? And the worst meeting or disappointment on stage?

Nan Hools: There are so many moments! I have met beautiful people with beautiful souls and it’s not the end! But it would be too long if I began because I have so many memories in my head.

Within a few months two releases! What do you think about this development?

Nan Hools: I love both. The sound of the second EP is better nailed, more vigorous, tracks are very good, real,  true punk-rock!! For both the musical base is here but maybe the sound is different. We think of the third one but at the moment we want to play play and play again and everywhere!!!

Are both successful enough?

Nan Hools: The music world is hard. We need a lot of perseverance, faith, commitment but we have found again a record label that decided to follow us. Internet changed everything and we were surprised about the musical medias and people who love us and then we continue because we love music, we love what we do.  We have quite a lot of airplay and reviews, but it doesn’t mean we sell loads of CD’s!!

How did you find the label?

Nan Hools: PWVA Records is a little record company and the creator is Barry so… We want to help bands like us.

You are going to perform at the festival of Salisbury next April, a return to U.K. How does it feel?

Nan Hools: An outburst of joy !! We look forward to being there!!! We have little apprehension because the English punk fans are inflexible and critical, but it will be a beautiful adventure!! We are going to enjoy every minute! For sure!

Others projects?

Nan Hools: European tour, recording new songs and stay free.

So, how are the recordings?

Nan Hools: Always well! Clément is a real professional and records his drums parts really fast! He is awesome! The recordings are done really fast by everyone. We don’t like and don’t want to waste time. We want natural sound you know, not a kind of over produced one, we hate that shit!!

Have you got a motto?

Nan Hools: Stay Free & Step lightly.

Thanks a lot Nan and we’ll follow you!

Nan Hools: Thanks to you and many thanks to the people who support us.

Photo credits: Jane Wadman

Julie Aras