On 28th of April get ready for fresh alt/stoner rock “soundz” from the promising Honeybadger. A few hours before their gig @BUMS the band shares some thoughts about their debut EP ‘The Rain’ and their upcoming gig. 

How did the band get together? Did you know each other beforehand?

We got together at the end of 2014. We were all friends and acquaintances beforehand. We used to go out at the same places in Athens, listen to similar music and had a kind of musical relationship. So we started jamming in a period when we all wanted to form a band. That’s how things started.

What keeps you going on as a band?

We think it’s music as a way of life. And the blast of inspiration. It’s funny to have in mind all these favourite bands and more and more to try to reach their level. That’s a good goal. Additionally, we are having a really good time, we are good friends.

How is ‘The Rain’ EP different from your previous tracks?

The Rain’ consists of four of the first tracks we ever composed and recorded so there is not really much to say about the previous ones. However there are older tracks than these four that we plan to place in a full LP album in the near future.

Is the band more into live performances or studio oriented?

For the moment things are balanced. We like recording and enjoy the procedure of production but we are still not highly experienced. Live performances are much more energetic and have a direct feedback from the fans so we kind of dig this part more.

Is there a specific reason that you are so fond of honeybadgers or you just like the sounding?

We like both! Honeybadgers are some of the bravest animals ever. They may be small but they attack bigger animals and don’t seem to care about the cost. They like eating and sleeping a lot. We like this brave and smooth attitude.

Do you identify yourselves under a certain genre?

We’d rather say we play rock. However we would identify as grunge/alternative/stoner rockers. A mix of tastes we like.

Is there room for something innovative considering the Greek rock scene?

Yes, there is always room for innovation, especially in times of crisis, like here in Greece. People reconsider things and music and become more open. We always have in mind to become better in songwritting and to grow more and more innovative.


Name a few groups that have influenced your sound, would you rather attend a gig by them or more up to date bands?

We could say Soundgarden, Queens Of The Stone Age, Rage Against The Machine, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Monster Magnet and the classics Black Sabbath and The Beatles. Generally we tend to attend more up to date concerts of all kinds, for example we attended a Graveyard concert recently. But we have a great love for the classics, such as The Sonics that will perform in Athens the next day after our live EP presentation.

Any plans for the future? Can you see yourselves performing outside Greek soil?

The immediate plans include live performances around Athens and the planning of a new LP that will be a ‘fuller’ work of the band. That’s studio work. Then we will reconsider live performances around Greece and abroad which is something we’d like very much!

Why should someone attend your upcoming live? And a few words to your fans out there..

This is going to be a show where we will present ‘The Rain’ EP alongside with the entire band work. It’s going to be the creative present and future altogether for us and we are sure that every rocker of every kind will have a great time listening to our songs and seeing us perform. Out guests will be Loud Silence, a very young and hopeful Greek stoner band. This is going to take place in BUMS club in Athens the 28th of April.

Photo credits: Dimitris Sakalakis

Thomas Gounaropoulos