We are extremely proud to host Holy Monitor’s first official interview here at lastdaydeaf.com. The Athenian music collective is going to perform live on the second day of Plisskën Festival (December 3rd), so we grabbed this opportunity to have a brief chat with them. Yeah, and it was really worth it!

An introduction of Holy Monitor to our readers, I believe is more than appropriate!

Hello! Thank you for having us at lastdaydeaf. This is actually our first official interview. We had decided to let the music be our only means of communication so far. Holy Monitor is an organism that started as a studio project in 2015 and emphasizes on blending jamming sessions with songwriting.

Your sound is a fine blend of psych, space rock & kraut! Would you agree with this description? Which are your bands that have defined your sound?

What you describe is really a mix of a hypnotic whimsical instrumentation, celestial lyrical themes and repeating beats. Artists like Brian Eno, Neu! and Spacemen 3 may be a good sample of our influences subconsciously or not.

Tell us a few words about your visually stunning video of ‘Cacti’. Why did you choose this one to visualize?

Cacti’ and ‘Golden Light’ are our two first songs. Both of them were visualized by Psychoactiv. He chose those.

You describe Holy Monitor as a music collective. What do you mean by this? Does this have to do with the members’ stableness in the band?

These days the band consists of five members on guitars, drums, bass, organs, synths and vocals.

You have shared the stage with highly respectable bands like The Warlocks. Do you think that you have gained any experience? Apart from experience, was it any fun? 

That show at An Club was our first one. The invitation by Primitive Music and sharing the stage with The Warlocks was an honor for us. Every gig is an experience and every live experience is fun.

You are going to play live on the 2nd day of Plisskën Fest (December 3rd) along with many great names. How do you feel about this?

It is going to be an amazing night with Death In Vegas, La Femme, Forest Swords, our good friends S.W.I.M. and Vagina Lips. And of course many many more. Plisskën Fest is always an experience to remember.

You have digitally released 2 EP’s (‘Golden Light’ & ‘Aeolus’). Should we expect a full-length sometime soon? Are you in search of a label in the meantime?

These are our two first releases, which are also available in a tape by the Virginia based Ongakubaka Records. We just finished the mixing and mastering of our first full length album which is due to be released in early 2017. The details will be revealed pretty soon. Thank you again for the hospitality. See you on December 3rd at  Plisskën Fest!

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There’s no place like home in the universe.

Christos Doukakis