Hades Almighty is a unique band with strong identity that has left its marks all these years, since early 90’s,- their beginnings-. Their offer on the Norwegian black metal scene is greatly important, and whoever deals with this kind of thing understands what I mean. And that’s why we “sat down and had a talk” with the horde’s guitarist Jørn Tunsberg to analyze some interesting things about the musical phenomenon from Norway. Let’s face it guys, this country is a gold mine for our favourite music called Black Metal…

Hello Jørn, thank you very much for giving us the opportunity to chat with you, would you like to share with us some recent news on Hades Almighty?

Jørn: Hi Michael, and thanks for this opportunity. At the moment we are almost done with the recordings of our new οpus. It took some years, caused by different issues. But now, we are getting somewhere! The new album will be out during 2019, and the touring begins! Also we finally got a new member in the Horde! Hecate (Therese) is our new bass player/backing vocals/Multi-talented! She is the vocalist/guitar player of Fairy as well as other roles in music in general! So Await the Funeral  Storms with Hecate in front!

What is the main driving force of Hades Almighty to create?

Jørn: The inspiration comes sudden, and from everywhere. That is, so to speak from the heart! My personal driving force is the meaning of my life which is being creative in my own pace, whenever I want to, and getting inspirited without boundaries! There are no rules in what we do and has never been!

What are the differences you had as a band at the beginning of your career and what now?

Jørn: Well, as a band I must say the logistics. This is based on the priorities within the band as well as pushing the limits. I know that in the earlier we had nothing else in our minds. But now there often are obstacles and even more often differences which we didn`t have before. Some of them can be dealt within minutes, and some take months!

Are there any future plans for new recordings?

Jørn: As I said, we are almost finished with the new album now (finally). And also the next album will then be quite soon after (not in 200 years)!!!

What is your opinion about the current black metal scene in Norway?

Jørn: Well, what to say! New generations, new trends! I really think that Black Metal died in the 90`s. At least how we experienced it! These are the times of the followers, and nothing new fantastic has seen the light of day the last years in my ears according to BLACK METAL! There are new and upcoming bands, that really kicks out. But the blackest of hearts are dead for years!

Is there any recording work of yours that you feel closer? And if so, why?

Jørn: All of my work is personal and close to my heart! Some songs stands out for the time they were made, and some for what they symbolize for me! The song ‘Pyre, Era Black!‘ for instance, is important for me as it is the new era of Hades Almighty with Ask, Remi and me! while also a few songs on the new album stands out for their meaning and visionary elements!

By participating in bands such as Immortal and Old Funeral what are your impressions or experiences?

Jørn: Well, at that point in my career I was just so fucking focused on playing, so I skipped everything else. One day I was playing in Immortal, and the next day I played in Old Funeral. But all along I was planning songs for Hades! It was some great experiences back then, and most of them were/are great musicians! Would not been without those daze!

Another question I would like to ask you is about “Lords of Chaos” feature which has already been released, referring to the events that took place with the emergence of Norwegian black metal. Would you like to make a comment?

Jørn: So I heard. I didn`t see it, but I actually saw a trailer/teaser for it. And I was embarrassed how it looked! I know that many people thought it was great. Mainly because it is made by Jonas Åkerlund, that played in Bathory for 5 minutes! Even though Bathory has been my main influence since the very beginning, I could not care less! I`m so embarrassed for everyone involved, but who cares? Hehehe….

Is there anything that has annoyed you as a musician or a man all these years? And if so, what was your treatment?

Jørn: Well, I get annoyed about the human race and religion! Apart from that, there is not much I guess.

In addition to the musical kind of black metal that you’re working on, is there any other kind of music that you like and expresses you? And if yes, give us some examples.

Jørn: I listen to a lot of different music, such as 16 Ηorsepower, Wovenhand, Genesis, Rainbow, Grieg, Mahler, Thåstrøm, The Prodigy, Ulver, Bohren & der Club of Gore, Hedningarna, Garmarna, etc…Whatever comes close to my heart!

All these years as a band that you have played numerous live shows; Is there a remarkable event that you might remember? Furthermore, which is the favorite place you’ve played live?

Jørn: Yes, there are many! Mexico City, Party San, Wacken, Inferno, Unholy Congregation, to name a few! The Hades audience is fantastic!!!

How is the future of Hades Almighty predicted?

Jørn: It`s blessed with blasphemy and death, so bring it on!!!

I have nothing else to add, you would like to say something to your followers and Last Day Deaf’s readers?

Jørn: I would like to ask the followers & readers of Last Day Deaf to listen very careful to Hades Horden! You all will be marked by black!

Michael Natsis