The world, horrified, has been watching the updates on the Orlando shooting since Sunday, the worst mass shooting in U.S. history, as The New York Times reports. Beyond any doubt, it was a tragic, abhorrent act of hate which can leave nobody untouched— at least not anybody who wishes to be called human.

Amongst the many artists who came out and spoke about what happened was Grizzly Bear‘s Ed Droste who wrote a Facebook note trying to express his thoughts on the tragedy and the on-going fight for LGBTQ rights. Droste talked about coming out, his relationship with gay fans, gay pride, gun-control, and more. He said: ‘My love goes out to everyone in Orlando but everyone worldwide who has to struggle just to be gay (…) This has to and MUST stop. We are at a serious risk of being completely desensitized to this in a few years, and with every lessening response, we are losing our humanity’.

You can read the entire note on the band’s official FB page.

Debbie Maliotaki