One of the most iconic metal bands of the Greek underground, SepticFlesh, released their latest 360° video for ‘Dante’s Inferno‘. The track is taken from the forthcoming album ‘Codex Omega‘, due for release on September 1st through Season Of MistSeth Siro Anton (Bass & Vocals), Christos Antoniou (Guitars & Orchestral), Sotiris Anunnaki V. (Guitars & Clean Vocals) & Kerim “Krimh” Lechner (Drums & Percussion) are about to release another remarkable album, judging by this first opus, living up to their high standards.

This is what they stated about ‘Dante’s Inferno’: ‘We are proud to present the first track from the upcoming album ‘Codex Omega’. The song is appropriately entitled ‘Dante’s Inferno’, acting as a gateway to hell… As it was inscribed on the top of the Hellgate in the famous poem by Dante Alighieri, ‘Through me you pass into the city of woe; Through me you pass into eternal pain; Through me among the people lost for aye’. This is just the first glimpse, the entrance to our new album. Stay tuned as more will gradually be revealed with the release date of our new album getting closer…”


Christos Doukakis