Golgotha come from the distant island of Madagascar,  from their hometown Fianarantsoa. Active since 2000, they have released an album called ‘Angano’; Their  music  is filed under the progressive -symphonic metal  genre with several black and brutal elements, especially vocal-wise. Definitely classified in the underground scene, since what they create is what they really believe through their hearts. On the other hand, isn’t this all we ask as listeners? True music irrelevant of where and when is obtained.

Tell us about the story of Golgotha, and the beginning of the band.

Golgotha is a Malagasy metal band that formed in Fianarantsoa Madagascar. The band was founded in 2000 by Dennis, Christian Andriatsivery and Dom. The band’s musical style evolved from black metal to a melodic extreme one and new members joined: Rakotonandrasana Jean Luc, Andriatafika Zo Emmanuel, Rahajaniaina Jean Patrick. In 2003 we released  the first album ‘Angano’. And after there are some tracks like, ‘Ambondrobe’, ‘Fikotrohanify’, ‘Fahotana’, ‘Zazarano’ while the most recent one is ‘Golgorà’.

In your music we see several genres combined together. Tell us about your influences.

It’s really true, black it is not the Malagasy music. Golgotha music has heavily been influenced by Cradle Of Filth, Angtoria, Evol, Black Messiah, Emperor ; and all mixed with the Malagasy traditional music.

Please discuss about the lyrics. Which subjects tackle you when music is created?

Regarding the lyrics, we tell about the story who happened at Golgotha, and we like to tell about the truth, love of homeland, the spirit, and life after life.

How did you choose the name Golgotha?

We chose Golgotha because it’s a mountain with a story about the human being. Many people died there, Crucified. Much blood flowed on this Mountain. It’s a place for losing and saving.

Today, with the internet, and the very easy access almost in everything, do you believe that this helps artists?

To learn about the existence of different artists, yes and especially with social networking.

Tell us about the music scene of Madagascar. Any interesting bands? Which are the difficulties for a metal band?

It can be good but the only problem is always about sound. Let’s say the instruments are so complete but the person who is responsible for the sound and light? Maybe we need an engineer. The big difficulties for a metal band are the instruments, to find good ones and have a good sound, which are even less for a metal band.

In your live shows, what is the response of the audience?

They love, groove, and take satisfaction. They request “making the show more often”.

Do you perform songs only from your albums or play songs from other artists as well?

Until now, we only play our songs.

Which are your five favorite metal albums?

Cradle Of Filth – ‘Midian’, ‘Thornography

Metallica – ‘…And Justice For All

Blind Guardian – ‘Somewhere Far Beyond

Black Messiah – ‘First War Of The World

Emperor – ‘The Discipline Of Fire And Demise

Are there any plans for a future album?

Yes, yes, and we hope.

Last words belong to Golgotha!

 “N’iza tsy faly, n’iza tomany, revenay foana letia ny Metaly”, that means anyone unhappy, anyone cry, we always love Metal. We would like to make a live show abroad.

Big thanks to Michael Natsis.

Photo credits: Rivouh

Michael Natsis