God In A Cone is the solo project of Nick Marinos, the vocalist involved in Madleaf, Slitherum and iola 11. Here he made it up all by himself, assisted by producer Dimitris Delis (Studio 222) on guitars. He has a wide vocal range that allows him to perform rock, metal, industrial in all its alternatives easily.

God In A Cone is an updated alternative project emerging from his “duties” in the above bands, so the frontman dives in his electro/industrial soul. Mostly Atlantic approached, though European school, oriented in its melodies, he has managed to arrange an exciting, independent release, consisting of modern and edgy music. Loops, samples, live instruments, lots of vocals and a polished, solid production on sound will fill your speakers, driving the music in songs, not just tracks.

Agrypnia’ (‘Vigil’) is the first song, a dark algorithmic, mid-tempo opener that easily shapes the mood to listen to ‘Beddrug’s wave guitars, melodies and keys that musically connects with ‘Cold Feeder’, a song of great inspiration that puts all electro/industrial elements in advance, shaping the song. ‘Dog Dust’ is war, mostly distorted and loud, bridging melodies and fierce that will sweat the people when performed live. ‘DWN’ creeps like a reptilian, where everything in it is insidious and sneaky in music and vocals and sound, while ‘30 Days’ came as a surprise: an up-tempo gothic-like groovy shot, out of Peter Steele’s heritage, damn yes! The homonym ‘God In A Cone’ is the most subtractive element in the LP, where music is there as a brace to the vocals’ means and melodies. ‘Death Laments’, is the last, though replete song. The down-tempo, loud metallic outcome of the cd, that has a hidden surprise in the end; just let it roll and you’ll discover its secret.

In the end, God In A Cone is a perfect, alternative release, I found no negative points in. Electro/industrial with a metallic vein that makes Marinos’ vocals perform as an extra instrument, and all on a compact and solid production, with many positive elements that build his music as songs…Not tracks.

Mike Dimitriou