We’re still waiting for the so long promised and desired ‘Dear Tommy full length, but in the last few weeks the Chromatics camp seems to be waking up: a new song, two videos and now another unreleased track, the dreamy vocoder-laced ‘Magazine‘ from the “Home” movie original soundtrack directed by the young Belgian female director Fien Troch, recently participating in the competition at the Venezia Film Festival.

Well received by the public and the critics, “Home” is a teen drama, compared by many to Larry Clark’s “Kids“, about the empty lives of the nowadays’ suburban teenagers, their ‘power of doing nothing’, their troubled relationships with the adults and the inadequacy of the latter.

The trio mastermind Johnny Jewel has written the movie score that will be out digitally on October 14th via Italians Do It Better as the second part of an album, while the first one will consist of new unreleased songs by Chromatics and by the other Jewel’s project Symmetry.

Here’s the “Home tracklist :

01 Chromatics: “Magazine”

02 Chromatics: “Paradise”

03 Symmetry: “The Magician”

04 Symmetry: “Alligator”

05 Symmetry: “Countdown“

06 Chromatics: “Running From the Sun (End Credits Version)”

07 Johnny Jewel: “Home”

08 Johnny Jewel: “Subdivisions”

09 Johnny Jewel: “Trust”

10 Johnny Jewel: “Remorse”

11 Johnny Jewel: “Endless”

12 Johnny Jewel: “Isolation”

13 Johnny Jewel: “Decay”

14 Johnny Jewel: “Youth”

Fabrizio Lusso

Watch the video, featuring scenes from the movie, below: