Suppose we went back to the 80’s. Suppose we found an old factory and tried to observe it, and as a background soundtrack chose a mix of Test Department, Throbbing Gristle and Einstürzende Neubauten. We would get a unique and unmistakable sound. And the way to find this great atmosphere?

Listen to Gagarin Kombinaatti project ( Produced by Puu / Sahko Recordings label) which represents the early works of Mika Vainio, with Tapio Onnela and Janne Koski.

This album, recorded on cassette, was created from concrete music productions, with a lot of noise and experimental influence. It is a fantastic album, full of industrial sounds that paint those years perfectly. This work, released after about 33 years, accurately represents the experimental culture of the 80s and offers a unique atmosphere to listeners. Another peculiarity is that the sound has already formed the embryo of the future work of Mika Vainio and his experience with Pan Sonic, though there are no oscillators or synthesizers. We can consider this work a cultural manifesto.

The album consists of 12 tracks, in which we can find a lot of genres, including minimal wave, noise, industrial, dark ambient and a bit of techno.

Considering the historical period, it is an impressive number of genres and influences that make the entire album distinctive, and the genius of Vainio is already evident.

It is worth noting that some tracks include the use of a radio, as can be understood from tracks like ‘Ukaasi‘. Then go on to listen to ‘Survos‘, or ‘Vartioparaati‘, or the fantastic ‘Raskas/ Chemical Weapons‘. In particular, in ‘Osat‘ we find ambient atmosphere sounds.

Special attention should be paid to ‘Reikäkorttia‘ and ‘Tiedonantaja Kirjoittaa‘; two songs which are difficult to describe, but fantastic to listen to without interruption.   For lovers of the 80s and musical research this album is a must which is difficult to resist adding to a collection. So, you find an old factory away from the city, bring this record to listen to, and relive the romance that it encloses. All you have to do is find some old industry and start this wonderful musical trip.

Antonio Cristofaro