Home Diaries is an invitation to artists and musicians to create an album or EP to document their personal experience during the lockdown or social distancing conditions that are upon us, due to the coronavirus outbreak. The series reflects a range of sounds, styles and ideas, as each artist portrays their own reflections uniquely. Each release is digital only for now, as we hope to raise what we can to help keep our label ticking over at this time. The releases feature a recurring polaroid image of a small lonely house, with a coloured filter chosen by the artist for each respective release. We also interview each artist and this is included as a bonus PDF with the download. You can also check out the Home Diaries series direct from the artist themselves or on Spotify if you prefer.

For our inaugural album in this collection, we begin in Buenos Aires, Argentina as we welcome Fernando Perales who records as Mi Cosa de Resistance. Fernando was a member of Argentinian experimental band Reynols during the 1990s but in recent years, he has released with labels such as Aural Tethers, Elm Records and Left Tapes.
His sound is achieved through sampling, reel to reel recording and other experimental techniques.

The Mi Cosa de Resistance Home Diary is a fuzzy haze of melancholic drones, carved out on the morning of Sunday 29th of March from 8am. All of the pieces were created on that day, 12 days into the lockdown conditions imposed by the Argentinian government. Usually recording multiple tracks in a day can feel like a pressure to achieve something, with distractions often preventing success. But currently, time stands on end and this transcendence finds its way into these restful, labyrinthine recordings.