This is a “free pass”, so get on the Indie-Coaster for a 15-track ride of indiepop, jangle pop, psych, alternative, indie electro & indie rock!

Artist: Elephant Castle

Track: ‘Cool To Be Unhappy’

Kicking off this ‘lockdown’ round of Indie-Coaster (it’s been a while!) with the debut single by Los Angeles-based singer and multi-instrumentalist ​Phil Danyew, and his solo act Elephant Castle. ‘Cool To Be Unhappy‘ is about a girl I once loved who thought it was cool to be unhappy, and unleashes nostalic vibes with impeccable style, that will fill your heart and soul for your indie ‘quarantine’ soundtrack.

Artist: The Brave Faces

Track: ‘In the Dark’

Tranfering to Brighton, UK, where we find The Brave Faces and their latest indie rock track ‘In the Dark‘. Their sound is a blend of their influences, 80s post-punk, shoegaze and contemporary indie, and those of you who feel close to early-era Interpol and The National, should definitely check out those heaps. Imposing & atmospheric dark rock for lifetime romantics.

Artist: Pink Skies

Track: ‘Silver Surfer’

High time for some ear-melting ala Tame Impala psychedelia. Yup, Pink Skies (who has toured with artists like Tim Atlas, TV Girl, Neil Frances, Daywave, and Boy Pablo) recently released the single ‘Silver Surfer‘ off of ‘SPECTRA‘, an enticing psych pop gem with gentle electronic elements for demanding indie spirits. Ace!


Track: ‘Witching Hour’

MESSIMER are nor newbies for Last Day Deaf. For this round-up, we chose ‘Witching Hour‘ (the first single off the band’s debut LP which was out last year), featuring Luke Messimer‘s characteristic vocals, and their 60s inspired indie rock sound, that builds up all the way in a ‘bubblegum’ vortex!

Artist: Indigo

Track: ‘Like a Seed in the Sand’

We simply adore the latest video by French pop-rock band Indigo, whose sound is influenced by the 90s but resolutely anchored in current with bands like Real Estate, Kings of Leon or even The War On Drugs. ‘Like a Seed in the Sand‘ is the debut single from the trio’s first album ‘The Distance: part I‘ (out within April), and is a promising one with cool lyrical references to The Smashing Pumpkins.

Artist: Marlin’s Dreaming

Track: ‘Outwards Crying’

Breaking the quarantine for a rapid visit to our beloved New Zealand, where we meet with latest indie darlings Marlin’s Dreaming (stay tuned for their Q&A soon on the blog!). Their latest video for ‘Outwards Crying’ is a shangri-la mix of indie, psychedelic and dream pop, glowing with New Zealand’s “indie spirit”.

According to the press, lead vocalist and guitarist Semisi Maiai’s lyrics are the beating heart of a tender song that he says “is about my urge to leave my hometown (Dunedin, NZ) and change my surroundings.

Pure magic!

Artist: Photay

Track: ‘Warmth in the Coldest Acre’

Ready to get transfered to the ethereal heavens? It’s the latest lyric video ‘Warmth in the Coldest Acre‘ by New York artist Photay from the upcoming album ‘Waking Hours‘ out June 12th, 2020 on Mexican Summer. Its seductive, warm chords and gradual build-up unleashes an utterlu unique vibe, while after the 2.30 mark when the vocals begin its a sheer joy. Stunning & uplifitng indie electronic glowing with quality… Beam us up, Photay!

Artist: San Cisco

Track: ‘Flaws’

The title track (and video) from the recently released ‘Flaws‘ EP by the Aussie indie pop 3-piece band San Cisco captured them in their top artistic shape. A song full of lush harmonies and poignant lyrics, competent enough to make us forget these endless lockdown days. It’s a bittersweet gem, destined for repeated listens. Enjoy!

Artist: brother sports

Track: ‘distractions’

It’s almost unavoidable to refer to the latest banger ‘distractions‘ by brother sports, without mentioning The Strokes. Add some addictive lo-fi rock with surf rock finishing touches in the sonic blender, and there you have it; The COVID-19 ear anthem. Ace!

Artist: Butter Bath

Track: ‘Detox’

Detox‘ by Aussie singer/songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer, Toby Anagnostis, aka Butter Bath, managed to bridge indie with retro soul. and unleash an almost divine laid-back atmosphere from “outer cosmos”.

Lyrical-wise, the song is about scrambling out of the rabbit hole you can find yourself in when a relationship stops working.

Artist: Joy Killed the Duke

Track: ‘Would You Still Like Me’

Lets warm up our amplifiers a bit with the grunge-y, alternative rock banger ‘Would You Still Like Me‘ by the Dutch bunch of energetic idiots (self-description!) turning their heads whne shouting Joy Killed the Duke. The quartet is lucky enough to be fronted by a vigorous, riot grrl, whose powerhouse vocals dominate the listener and urge the listener to endless headbanging!

Artist: Cherry Slide

Track: ‘Spill’

Cherry Slide is the indie musical vehicle of Dale Humphries, originally from the UK and now based in NYC.  ‘Spill‘ is a single from the act’s second album ‘Sugar Slo-Mo‘, and if you are a fan of 90s indie music with cathchy guitar riffs, flawless melodies and Generation X coolness then this might be the ultimate qurantine hit. Now, where’s The Breeders‘ ‘Last Splash‘ album?

Artist: Deleo

Track: ‘Unfair’

Unfair‘ may very well be the most representative song by French group Deleo. A hybrid of pop, rock and electro, with an anthemic build-up that will leave you with the mouth watered for more. In its 270 seconds, the track builds up and up to reach its peak in the very last minute. Goosebumps!

Artist: Heads or Heads

Track: ‘Nightfall’

What I adore most about Heads or Heads‘ sound is the distinctive, cinematic element in their artistry. Well this never came about by chance since the main figure behind the project is singer/producer Alex Harbolt, whose past also includes filmmaking. ‘Nightfall‘ is a highly remarkable, cinematic experince with clear trip-hop sound and lo-fi aesthetics to be enjoyed with eyes closed and heart open. Poetic…

Artist: hhhhhh

Track: ‘forever’

Instant crush! How could I describe this retro futuristic, overflowing nostalgia, lo-fi, psych jewel by bedroom-cultivated, city-slicker folk act, originally from Texas, now living in Los Angeles hhhhhh? I’ll give it a try!

forever‘ is a song from another planet, another planetary system perhaps, and in reality the 2nd track from the band’s recently released album ‘Tropical Depression‘. An escapade from the sad reality, and perhaps the ideal imaginary soundtrack for seminal movie “Pleasantville“. I wll love this forever….

P.S.: And yes there is a sudden end, instead of a fadeaway! An unpredictable dynamite…

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