Embracing the future through the past! And the past is 90s to be more precise. Feeling really honored today for the exclusive video premiere on Last Day Deaf of Detroit’s VAZUM and their anthemic, alternative rock banger ‘Ice Man‘; A track that pays tribute to the “holy” 90’s decade and especially to acts like The Smashing Pumpkins, Stone Temple Pilots but also strong references to 80s goth rock legends like Echo & The Bunnymen & The Siters Of Mercy.

Despite the fact the amplifiers are on red, the band lavishly gifts us with larger-than-life melodies and godlike riffs. The alluring video is shot on B&W (featuring Lillian Morgan Fox) and…. that’s it from us. A pure alternative rock grower for you to be hooked on…. Instantly!

Ice Man‘ is from the forthcoming album ‘Variant‘ to be released Summer 2019.

Press Notes:

Ice Man – I was nicknamed ‘ice man’ while touring in Spain with the Muggs last year as their drummer. After a show in Vigo a fisherman named Gonzalo commented on my stoic stance while playing drums and said I was ‘cold and calculating like the ice man.’ When I returned home I began working on lyrics and those lines stuck with me. I read ‘The Stranger’ by Albert Camus and used that as a backdrop for the ice man. I tried to imagine how it would feel to be in solitary confinement waiting for your execution. I wanted the video to be dark but elegant. I saw photos of Lillian Morgan Fox on social media and thought she’d be perfect for the role. We shot the video in a park in Grand Rapids, MI and I pieced the footage together. ‘Ice Man’ is the first song from the new album ‘Variant’ due to be released Summer 2019.