“A tiny red scratch”

a tiny red scratch

somewhere between the neck and shoulder

can scar your heart for life

a secret smile

that hides in eyes wide open

turns into a carving knife

it carves so many lovely shapes you did not dare to dream of

it carves your body and your face, it carves your flesh

it carves so many lovely shapes you did not dare to dream of

transforming all known frames and forms, making them fresh

it wakes you up earlier each day

and makes you gaze out of the window more

into forever changing clouds

that seem so much familiar than before

you stare and look but sleep no more

until your eyes go red and sore

each night you force them to shut down-hoping your thoughts would follow too-

you lie as calm as cotton clouds, control your breath, your hands, your doubts,

you have convinced yourself at last, your mind is blank from words and past,

now is the time for you to rest

all of a sudden-


between your ears

that grows towards your mouth and neck

speeds up your pulse and makes you sweat!

you cannot speak, you cannot make a sigh,

the shiver starting low your back has moved in rapid waves

towards your thighs, your calves, your chest

making them slaves…

no holding back, no will to restrain

give in to chills, let them expand up to your brain

until a smile intrudes your lips

and spreads and rolls towards your hips

who would have thought this was the catch

from just a tiny little scratch?

Marcia Israilides