Thursday is almost here, and the weekend approaching! Feeling tired like English science fiction writer John Wyndham once upon a time geniusly quoted: ‘When a day that you happen to know is Wednesday starts off sounding like Sunday, there is something seriously wrong somewhere‘? Here on Last Day Deaf with today’s exclusive video premiere we have the solution as long as you press the play button, then set the video on repeat, and you may feel that it’s already Friday evening!

These 4 lads that literally made our day, if not week, are called The Shipbuilders, they come from Liverpool and they play the finest “gypsy scouse surf” (now what’s this? Don’t blame us, this is how they describe their sound on their FB profile!)… Ok, let’s try once again: ‘Silk Road‘ is a fine example of indie pop cathciness, with sublime, shimmering guitar work…. and just in case you’ve already abandoned reading this and pressed the “magic button” here to help you sing-along:

Stay with me one more season
Follow me into the spring
Stay with me for the love she brings
Follow me for the song she sings

7” single ‘Silk Road‘ backed with ‘La Fee Verte‘ will be released on Friday May 24, via Mai 68.



Who knows what secrets twilight holds? With their stories long and futures untold, The Shipbuilders go in search of the songs that the turning seasons bring, safe in the warmth of the light that guides them. Guitars shimmer like the fugitive tide and twinkle like long-forgotten stars; bass digs deep into the earth, mining for the eternal root; drums pound like the collective heartbeat and voices wail from the mountaintop. The sound of the pursuit of truth, the sound of souls bound either for glory or apocalypse – the destination is immaterial, the thrill is in the voyage. Unified, starstruck, in awe, all watched over by the passing of time. Like the moonlight on the Silk Road.

The Shipbuilders ARE:

Matty Loughlin-Day – Vocals, guitars

Danny Lee – Guitars

Nicky McGrane – Bass

Graeme Sullivan – Drums

John Gibbons – Manager








The Shipping Forecast  – Liverpool 26th May – Single Launch

Eagle Inn – Salford – 14th June

Un Deg Un – Wrexham 21tst June

Fox & Newt – Leeds – 20th July

Kendal Calling – 27th  July