How essential is it to be free? Or even the sense of freedom? How much is, or should be valued nowadays? No time for such rhetoric questions, so lets head on with today’s sublime video exclusive on Last Day Deaf by long-time favorites Sediment Bruise.

The Shore‘ is a powerful, richly textured track with a melody that will simply seep into your brain for days and days. The band is more mature than ever confident enough not to follow any trend in their sound. Pure emotion and robust musicianship along with a heartfelt vocal performance, with ideal companion a breathtaking video (produced & directed by Michael-Angelo Nikolaidis) capturing the ‘freedom’ we are/should all be after?

Are you sure the initial questions haven’t been answered yet? Just press the play below and get ready to get lost in….

The Shore‘ is taken from the band’s 3rd full-length ‘In-Between.


Press Notes:

Sediment Bruise were created in Thessaloniki, Greece, when: Vag Mood (vocals), Michael-Angelo Nikolaidis (keyboards, guitars, vocals), Nick Nikolaidis (guitars), Panagiotis Gianoudis (bass), George Moukos (drums) and Sotiris Fotinitsoglou (violin), decided to join their talents and passion for music, forming an indie, post-rock band. Their self-produced debut album “Sediment Bruise” was released in 2007 by Plus Records / Universal, receiving positive reviews. Their 2nd studio album “A new disease”, produced by the famous British music producer Clive Martin, was released on 2016 by Music Kitchen and was distributed by Inner Ear.

In their 3rd studio album, Clive Martin and Sediment Bruise managed to achieve high levels of music creativity, emphasizing in detail, letting their particularly dreamy, -almost cinematic- compositions lead them effortlessly to artistic completion. The 9 tracks of ‘In-Between’, are fully blown with intense emotion and sophisticated musical perception, without lagging in power, always having as a reference point the wide range of musical influences of the band, like Radiohead, Deus, Massive Attack, Sigur Ros, Mogwai, Archive and Arcade Fire.

One of these 9 tracks is The Shore, which was literally included in the album the last minute. A pure cinematic composition with a particularly dreamy feeling which deserved a mind-blowing video. The video production team, driven by its will to deliver an astounding outcome, sought (and found) breath-taking locations in order to achieve an outer-space artistic canvas where the action would take place. Using state-of-the-art equipment on set and in post-production, they give us compelling imagery to cover a compelling track.

Order LP here: https://bit.ly/2SygELf

Download here: https://sedimentbruise1.bandcamp.com/