Well, if one could best express the loss of a “princess”, this may very well be Lomb‘s ‘Princess‘. Giuseppe Lombardo from Catania, Italy, proves with the second single taken from his debut album ‘Cuts‘  released late 2018 by Seahorse Recordings, that “great art can only be obtained through pain & loss“. ‘Princess‘ is a powerful lovesomg about loss, about the end of the mutual dreams, hopes or even fears, an end of an era. Its about the end of romance. But above all, this is a pure intense masterpiece; A rare soul testimony. And we are more than proud to exclusively premiere this gem. Vital!

The black and white video was produced and directed by the artist himself, in Catania.


Press Notes:

Beauty and sadness are twin sisters, and there’s plenty of both in LoMB’s debut album “Cuts”, out now on cult label Seahorse Recordings.
Based in the creative hub of Catania and born in 1971, Giuseppe Lombardo can write songs that sound – and actually are – honest and intense, a merciless attempt to heal wounds that life gives us, often invisible but deeper than tattoos. His kindred souls are Tom Waits, Sir King Ink “Let Love In” era, Morphine, but also the burning alt.folk of Willard Grant Conspiracy and Steve Wynn’s “days of wine and roses”.
LomB is the very last adventure for Lombardo, who’s been on the edgy and avantgarde scenes since early ’90s, when he toured Hungary with his first post punk-new wave band, called Nerves’ Korut, whose song “Taste of money” was produced by Fugazi’s Don Zientara. His next project, called Plank, released in 1998 an album produced by Agostino Tilotta from Uzeda, and with the later bands Baffos and Ute Puta he shared stages with Sonic Youth, Wire, Old Time Relijun, Melt Banana and No Means No. His latest group Zuma released the album “Less Is More” in 2013 on Viceversa Records, produced by dark folk italian songwriter Cesare Basile.
To be creative is actually a visceral need for Giuseppe Lombardo, who’s a graphic designer and photographer in “everyday life”, and LoMB is for sure his most intimate and challenging adventure up-to-date, deserving a proper place in those holy desert lands where freaks and beautiful losers drink at the moon.