Last Day Deaf is really excited to share with you today’s exclusive by more than promising Los Angeles duo Marky & Johnny and their magnificent second single ‘Never Sleeps‘. A pure indie fascination unleashing the energy & pathos of an act eager to create their unique, own sound from a blend of numerous influences. Pressing the play button below, we guarantee a pure listening experience to all of those who dare discover adventurous art that speaks directly to the heart & soul!

New York never sleeps..


Marky & Johnny (Marcus Högsta and John Rockwell) release “Never Sleeps” on January 31st as the second single off their upcoming debut EP. “Never Sleeps” is about hearing voices outside your apartment window.

Their songs, written by John and produced by Marcus, are the product of the burned CDs they traded as teens and their time spent playing together in countless different bands. Marky & Johnny make music that comes from their experience observing the world as they grow up together, with moments of youthful naiveté as well as cynical realizations. Their sound retains elements of the 60s and 70s songwriters they listened to as kids combined with the glowing synth textures of Kurt Vile, the manic vocal delivery of bands like Neutral Milk Hotel and Ought, and the arrangements of Wire and Bowie’s Berlin trilogy. Their upcoming 5-song debut EP was recorded at Radio Astro Studio in Thousand Oaks, CA, with all instruments performed by Marcus and John. Their first single “Heaven” was released on December 28th and is also available to stream.

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