Summer’s almost gone, but we are more than excited for tonight’s exclusive premiere on Last Day Deaf, of Tiphanie Doucet‘s shimmering dream pop/alt pop ear-candy, and the absolute chill summer anthem, ‘Une Love Song‘, officially dropping on August 26th.

This biingual (French/English) lovesong is an eerie outpost, an instant escapade for lovers, -and all of those who want to be loved-, sung in the best possible way, like a fairy visiting you in one of those dreams you never wanted to wake up, and with an addictive, sing-along, chorus that will stick like a big bubblegum in your brain for days. Time to get lost with this ultimate pop bliss!

People kept telling me during the pandemic that my voice made them feel at peace… When I reflected on my music and my life, I started writing with this vision, and since I had written a lot of breakup songs, I thought “how would I sound if I wrote a love song and give people that peaceful feeling with it “ Tiphanie Doucet

Press Notes:

ST. TROPEZ, FRANCE | August 26, 2022: Tiphanie Doucet is proving the soundtrack to your summer nights with “Une Love Song” , her first bilingual lo-fi pop single released to all streaming platforms today. In this song, the French songwriter, vocalist, and instrumentalist writes a letter to her future love, in the most dreamy, romantic and chill way possible. This is a feel-good love song, part of her upcoming concept album to be released in early 2023 where the artist writes “letters” in song form to people that had an important place in her life: the man she left, the man she hopes to meet, a friend that could have become the love of her life…and one where she makes amends with her estranged father. With a dreamy and light lo-fi beat reminiscent of Japanese Breakfast and Clairo, this is a bilingual song with verses in her native French and choruses in English, mirroring her pre-pandemic life in New York City and sudden move back to France where she is performing regular shows in the resort town of St. Tropez. Doucet was thrust into the French music scene after living and working in New York City for over ten years, leaving the day before all flights to France were canceled due to the New York City lockdown in March 2020.

“Une Love Song” stands apart from Tiphanie Doucet’s previous releases with the new lo-fi electronic sound that she co-produced along with Raphael Dhervez and Bill Cox in France. True to her mixture of French and American cultures, she later added to the recording the remotely tracked bass by Mike Abiuso from his Brooklyn recording studio. Tiphanie’s sweet and peaceful vocals and lo-fi beat are augmented by the addition of the Celtic harp, an instrument she studied when growing up in her native France.

Tiphanie is known for her acoustic singer-songwriter breakout single “Under My Sun” released in 2018, and while rebuilding her career in the French music scene in March of 2022 Doucet released the Vanessa Paradis classic “Joe Le Taxi”, the first release in this new electro-pop sound.


Multi-instrumentalist, recording artist and performer Tiphanie Doucet is best known for her sweet, calming vocals and original songwriting with a sensual french twist. Past releases include the 2018 breakout single “Under My Sun”, “You and I” from her Paint it Blue EP in 2020, and most recently the classic French song “Joe Le Taxi” released in 2022.

Beginning her career as a talented dancer and actress, graduating from the renowned Ballet Conservatory in Paris, Tiphanie had her first starring role as a child, in the French film Le Bebe d’Elsa and later the lead role in Glee-like French TV Series Chante, giving her popularity in her native France. She also toured professionally with Romeo And Juliet and Hair and was a backup dancer for David Guetta and Prince, taking her to huge stadiums including the Stade de France. Focusing on her love of music, Doucet learned to play the harp, piano, and guitar and transitioned into a music career, earning a coveted spot in an editorial playlist placement in Rolling Stone, France in 2020 as well as being a contestant on the Canadian Voice where she was praised by the judges for her compelling, beautiful voice and faultless emotional performances before they regretfully lost her to the brutality of the battle rounds.