8 recent gems from the dark spectrum, from dark wave to cold wave and from minimal synth to post punk, and everything in between as long as its “bleak”. Essential for every “creature of the night”!

The Soft Moon’s ‘Become The Lies’ is a stunning post punk/dark wave track taken from the new album ‘Exister’, out September 23rd 2022 on Sacred Bones Records! “Dance against the darkness“…

Hailing from Austin, Texas Exotic Fruits’s latest single ‘Panda Vision’ is a noisy, minimal post punk that have the balls to construct and deconstruct their music, and unleash some pretty loud cacophony, but also remain 100% addictive! On our radar for their future releases!

Javier Maldonado was born in Mexico, since 2019 he’s been releasing songs under the name Nacromatic, and his most recent creation ‘Ozymandias’, is an almost apocalyptic sound, it shows the fatalistic interaction with a divine being. A nihilistic, post punk/dark wave treasure that will directly seep into your brain!

German post punk/dark wave legends Pink Turns Blue need no introduction, and their latest video for ‘Not Gonna Take It’ is a jaw-dropping experience, for a pure anthem “about standing up for oneself and for a better world“…

H4RVEY is an American one-man project, and ‘Societal’ is the 2nd official single, an upbeat, dark wave track made entirely on the phone, about how messed up society can be. Ideal for fans of Joy Division and early-era Cure!

Bryter Layter’s debut single ‘Drive Safely’ is a fine mixture of post punk with modern alternative rock mixed with noise rock outbursts…. Cause Italians do it better!

Fringe Class’ ‘Super Creepy’ genuinely combines elements from dark wave, alternative rock, but also atmospheric, dream pop, with super, powerhouse, female, a la Zola Jesus vocals. Turn this beast up loud and you won’t get disappointed! Pure gold…

Finishing with the Swedish group Alpha Pet, and their dadaistic, no wave/post punk banger ‘Too Fast’ the second (first was ‘Concept of Power‘) in a series of three songs that together showcase what these dudes are capable of. Volcanic!

Christos Doukakis