Tonight we feel juiced up for the exclusive track premiere of Vancouver indie/dream pop band SUGARFUNGUS, and their song ‘Catch & Release‘ from debut EP ‘Letting Go, Moving Still‘. The song is a 204-second dream pop sensation, with the warm, female vocals ideally balanced with the melancholic bliss, and the sexy driving bassline, never overshadowing the vibe, nor sounding over-expressive/emotive. Not to mention, that we simply cannot get enough of the gentle & distinctive synth work that lifts off this ear-candy to your nearest “Chocolate Factory”!

Yup, it’s sweet, dreamy and 100% indie!


SUGARFUNGUS is an indie pop/dream pop band from Vancouver, Canada that was formed remotely in 2020 during the coronavirus pandemic. The band is releasing their first EP entitled “Letting Go, Moving Still”. The EP presents a set of warm and fuzzy tracks that blend bright guitar lines and atmospheric synths, all the while punctuated by pop-driven hooks that capture the feeling of drifting in and out of a state of sweet, mushroomy bliss.