We are more than excited to exclusively stream a track that its starting point is Nine Inch Nails‘ ‘Terriblie Lie‘. The song is called ‘Nigerian Jackpot‘ by Australian alternative rock outfit Moxie And The Nobodies, with some valuable aid from Claire Abougelis and his 100 year old cello! Get ready for a few minutes of nihilistic alternative rock that will keep this gem on repeat for the following weeks.

Short Bio:

Australian based “Moxie” aka Evan Kitchener is a musician, film composer, audio engineer, sound designer, director, and producer. His musical style is varied drawing influence from such artists as Beck, Ween and Faith No More. Evan “Moxie” Kitchener brings a blend of friendly nihilism and absurdity wrapped up in a tasty alternative rock package.

Hailing from country Australia he’s been creating genre-bending songs and composing music for film for over 10 years and has had his audio work exhibited in multiple galleries around Australia.

He’s a founding member of the humorous band Earnest Irony, which has had their music played on Australian TV. Three of their music videos were selected by Vsauce’s Online Creative Showcase and Vsauce’s BiDiPi Radio, collectively amassing more than 110,000 views.

In 2017 he directed the music video for the track “Pray” from his horror drenched album “Blue Horror” which was short- listed by the Benalla Film Festival and screened at multiple locations in 2018.








His current project aims to create The World’s First Interactively Recorded Album:

The project is a livestreamed and interactive music session where the audience can watch, give real-time feedback and help shape a brand new song being written and recorded from scratch each and every week for an entire year.

During this year-long project, Evan “Moxie” Kitchener will be hosting a series of 3-5 hour Youtube Livestream recording sessions. During these events the audience will be able to use Youtube’s live chat to provide input, like:
• Song titles
• Instrument choices
• Real-time feedback
• Lyric suggestions
• Choose the song’s structure
• Anything the audience wants to contribute as the song is being created on the spot