Feeling really excited for tonight’s exclusive premiere on Last Day Deaf, of Bryan Galvez‘s music vehicle Fashion Invasion and the stunning new single ‘TV World (Rerun)‘, officially out on April 22nd. This shameless, synth-soaked ear-candy, initially brought in mind the 90s indie electronic hit ‘Your Woman‘ by White Town, but this is mainly influenced by the 80s aesthetics & culture, the VHS phrenitis, the stickers’ collections, eating cotton candy and putting on our roller skates for a loony disco party. 80s nostalgia is exquisitely paired with retro futurism, with timeless melodies for our “lost innocence”…

Welcome to the “Synth-Ville”!


Fashion Invasion’s story begins with it’s founder and creator Bryan Galvez. Suburbia life is where it all started in Placentia, California. Bryan was born in 1974 right when disco and glam rock were taking over the airwaves and nightclubs. Riding bikes with his neighborhood friends and playing video games were the mainstay of his childhood. But, that wasn’t the only thing keeping him entertained during his youth. Along with the best 80’s movies that came out at the time, especially Star Wars-Return Of The Jedi, 80’s music was what cemented Bryan’s destiny for his creative endeavors.
Bryan founded the electronic music act Fashion Invasion in the summer of 2008. Dissatisfied with the current popular music scene, Bryan felt it was time to invade the music scene with his love of fashion and music of the 1980’s, hence the artist name, Fashion Invasion. And speaking of fashion, Dr. Martens shoes are his all-time favorite, along with black Dickies pants and classic bowling shirts from the 1950’s. With the rise of MTV in 1981, it was the British bands-Duran Duran and Eurythmics-that caught Bryan’s attention. And with it, Nick Rhodes and Dave Stewart respectfully-both who played the synthesizer-were key in deciding which instrument Bryan would choose to express himself.

Many bands played a key role in Bryan’s development as a musician. But, the ones that stand out for him are: Kraftwerk, Depeche Mode, The Human League, Pet Shop Boys and New Order.

Bryan’s hobbies include watching movies especially fantasy and science fiction genres, playing classic video games like The Legend of Zelda and Castlevania, dining out on French and Italian food, taking road trips and aviation.

One of Bryan’s biggest wishes is to visit an animal rescue shelter for wildcats and to pet Cheetahs, the fastest animal in the world!