8 recent gems from the dark spectrum, from dark wave to cold wave and from minimal synth to post punk, and everything in between as long as its “bleak”. Essential for every “creature of the night”!

Need-no-introduction dark wave pioneers Clan Of Xymox’s ‘Save Our Souls’ is dedicated to the people suffering in Ukraine; and proceeds from the single will go to support relief efforts there…. Stop The War!

Cold wave/death rock made in Ukraine… Lyrics (English translation) following below:

“I want to fall with you again
With you, to fall into the night
Not to disappear with the first beam of sun
To stay, go nowhere
To stay, never go

Your eyes will tell me
All that your lips are cannot spell
What are you hiding from me
I will see in your eyes

We’ll meet under the iron bridge
Will see the light that never goes out
I’ll save you all my kisses
Never and nowhere I’ll go

Your eyes will tell me
All that your lips are cannot spell
What are you hiding from me
I will see in your eyes”

Norwegian artist Per Martisen’s music vehicle N∆EON TE∆RDROPS in another stunning, dark wave treasure with addictive melodies and spotless production, unmissable for any Cure fan!

It was that notorious scene on Jonathan Demme’s “The Silence Of The Lambs” in which Q. Lazzarus’ ‘Goodbye Horses’ was played at full blast, that resurfaced this lost 80s gem, back in the 1990s… 3 decades after Sheffield based electronic music project is/are brave enough to cover the aforementioned in the best possible way with a more new wave approach. Turn this beast up loud! 

Ceyeo’s ‘Broken’ is an intense blend of post punk with alternative rock, featuring great backing vocals by Liliia Kysil, a Ukranian artist living through the conflict, and great lyrics like “in every journey passengers change and waves that carried now may crash”…

‘Temblor’ is a powerful, genre-bending magnum opus by Chilean band Cosmobit, featuring alluring vocals by Agustina Vidal… Open-minded “creatures of the night” will appreciate this!

If you love bands like Interpol & The Cure, then you should definitely check out Los Angeles group Polyplastic’s ‘Talk to Me’, which was mainly inspired by New Order’s danceable style.  

A political song putting in parallel crossing the Berlin Wall in the 80’s to come to the West for freedom and crossing the Mexico US border for a better life, by born in Marseille, France and based in Long Beach / Los Angeles, California artist, NoiseGun… Electro, goth, cola wave and shoegaze, all in 1 single! Magnum Opus!

Christos Doukakis