Here, at, we are proud to premiere two tracks (‘Richtigliegen‘, ‘Pianist‘) from the upcoming ‘Meerheit‘ EP (November 11, Paracelsian Productions), a collaboration between Vlimmer and Oceaneer.

Press Release:

Tags: Neoclassical/Dream Pop/Ambient

FFO: Grouper, The Caretaker, Gravenhurst

Releases: 11 November 2016

Formats: CD, download

Personnel: Alexander Leonard Donat (Vlimmer),

Oneechan Nanashi (Oceaneer)

Label: Paracelsian Productions

Label contact:


Promotional agency: Blackjack Illuminist


On ‘Meerheit‘ two musicians from the darker side of sounds have found one another to collaborate on a neoclassical release of deep minimalism: there’s only voice and piano here.  Oceaneer is the female pianist Oneechan Nanashi, Alexander Leonard Donat is the voice behind Vlimmer. The two are a good match: Oceaneer’s broken piano is out of tune, notes are turned into morbid sounds which are accompanied by the creaking of the piano pedals and the splintered wood of an old instrument. It sounds like music from the bottom of the ocean, played by a ghost in a sunken pirate ship. For Vlimmer’s vocal appearance this is just the right environment. The lonesome vocals are even more washed out than on his solo records, the German lyrics speak of going even deeper into the ground. As haunting as it may seem, there is also a strange feeling of stillness, relaxation. As if you were waiting for this moment where you finally become deaf because chattering people, traffic noise, mobile phone chimes, everyday sounds in general are too much. Listening to ‘Meerheit‘ is like watching a movie with the sound on mute.

Vlimmer with the hands of Oceaneer – ‘Richtigliegen’

Vlimmer with the hands of Oceaneer – ‘Pianist’