Before heading off to play Liverpool Psych Fest (which we all know to be the coolest psych festival on the planet), rising London 5-piece Mass Datura have shared their top picks from the festival. In the past few weeks, they’ve been teasing the new track ‘Fantasy Friction’, off their forthcoming debut album ‘Sentimental Meltdown’, which is slated for release on October 6 via All Types Of Slime Records. Because they are getting soooooo close to their release date, they’re giving us a sneak preview of several other tracks from the album.

Since forming in 2014, Mass Datura have earned a reputation for their mesmerising, raw and unpredictable live performances, utilizing the lo-fi and psychedelic foundation on which the band was built to breathe new life into their songs. The band consists of Thomas Rowe, Joseph Colkett, Nathan Ridley, Alice Hubley and Leanne Roberts. Their current tour culminates at the Liverpool Psych Festival, where they will be playing for the first time. For more on the Liverpool Psych Fest, visit www.liverpoolpsychfest.com

Fantasy Friction

Feel Me Human

Temporary Halo

Dream Thief

You can order their debut effort through Mass Datura’s own Bandcamp:

https://massdatura.bandcamp.com/album/sentimental-meltdown — For more on Mass Datura, visit them at FACEBOOK // INSTAGRAM // TWITTER

And catch them on tour throughout September and into early October:

21/09 Nottingham w/ Male Gaze @The Angel

22/09 Liverpool Psych Fest

24/09 Leeds w/ White Manna @ Lending Room

25/09 Glasgow w/ Black Angels and A Place to Bury Strangers @ SWG3 studio warehouse

26/09 Birmingham W/ Black Angels and A Place to Bury Strangers @ O2 Institute2

27/09 London w/ White Manna @ The Victoria

06/10 London Album Release @ The Lexington



Tracks picked by Alice Hubley, who plays synthesiser and mellotron in the band.

Yassassin – Pretty Face

Yassassin are an explosion of girl band awesomeness, love this song!  They’re one of the first bands playing Psych Fest, get there, see Yassassin and then go see Mass Datura.

Novella – Does The Island Know

I think of Novella every band practice, mainly cause there’s a broken keyboard stand that lives in our rehearsal room that belongs to them. I use it every practice and remind myself I should buy another keyboard stand. They’re also an awesome band, looking forward to seeing them at Psych Fest (and thank them in person for the broken keyboard stand).

Harald Grosskopf & Eberhard Kranemann – Ou Tchi Gah

Seeing the krautrock legends live can be a mixed bag, I will never forget the horror of seeing Cluster play a gig with a cd player and a microkorg or forget the endurance test that is Wolfgang Flur‘s ‘DJing’ but then others (Manuel Gottsching, Faust, Damo Suzuki etc) have still got it.  The verdict is definitely out on these guys, but judging from this video the gig may at least be entertaining?

The Black Angels – Manipulation

We’re excited to be playing in Glasgow and Birmingham with these guys, their live shows are insane. I’m also excited cause like us they have a mellotron in their set up. What’s better than one mellotron on stage? Two!  This video also has a cool cat in it.

The Telescopes –  Never Learn Not to Love

We documented our tour with Black Mountain last year for lomography photos. Jeremy from Black Mountain described one of the photos of singer Thomas and I as looking like The Telescopes which totally reminded me that they existed. And here they are covering the song The Beach Boys stole from Charles Manson.

White Manna – Acid Head

Looking forward to playing with these guys in Leeds and London. The Leeds show is the day after Psych Fest so hoping these sounds will sooth the Psych Fest come down.

Steve Davis and Kavus Torabi

There’s nothing quite like playing a show and then going to a disco where the DJ is your grandma’s favourite sportsman. I’ve seen him a DJ a bunch of times now and as well as being pretty good at potting that black his music taste is also spot on.

Curated by: Shauna McLarnon