Last Day Deaf is excited to exclusively stream the new, 2nd album ‘Balbuceo‘ (out today on Devil in the Woods) by Mexico City’s instrumental rock band Muuk.

Below you will find the album song by song break down by the band both in Spanish (!) and English. We promise you a stellar experience!

Devorador: Es el único track que es completamente electrónico en el álbum, experimentamos mucho con sintetizadores y pedales de efectos y el proceso de grabación fué muy divertido ya que mientras uno de nosotros tocaba algún sinte, los demás manipulábamos los efectos, pisábamos pedales y movíamos perillas, al final nos gustó la manera en que pudimos llevar ese sonido caótico de la banda a algo electrónico

Devorador: It is the only track that is completely electronic in the album, we experimented a lot with synthesizers and effects pedals and the recording process was very fun because while one of us played some synth, the rest of us manipulated the effects, we stepped on pedals and moved knobs, in the end we liked the way we could take that chaotic sound of the band to something electronic.

Balbuceo: Es una de nuestras piezas favoritas del álbum y la que le da nombre. Logramos acercarnos a la improvisación y a un sonido más avant sin alejarnos de la esencia del sonido de Muuk. Durante la grabación decidimos grabar 4 tomas diferentes de balbuceos y palabras sin sentido de los 5 miembros al mismo tiempo y se pueden notar en una sección de la pieza

Balbuceo: It’s one of our favorite songs from the album and the one that gives it its name. We managed to get closer to improvisation and a more avant-garde sound without moving away from the essence of Muuk. During the recording we decided to record 4 different takes of babbles and meaningless words from the 5 members at the same time and they can be noticed in a section of the piece.

R’lyeh: Los sampleos de está pieza son una invocación hacia Cthulhu, un dios antiguo mencionado en los relatos de H.P. Lovecraft, eso mismo nos dió el nombre de la canción ya que R’lyeh es el nombre de la ciudad en donde reside Cthulhu.

R’lyeh: The samples of this piece are an invocation to Cthulhu, an ancient god mentioned in the stories of H.P. Lovecraft, they also gave the song a name cause R’lyeh is the name of the city where Cthulhu resides.

Migraña: Este título hace referencia al sonido estruendoso de la pieza, que es casi un dolor de cabeza, y al apodo de nuestro amigo Migraña, quien creyó en la banda desde un principio y ya no está con nosotros. Lo extrañamos.

Migraña: This title refers to the thunderous sound of the piece, which is almost a headache (migraña means migraine), and the nickname of our friend Migraña, who believed in the band from the beginning and is no longer with us. We miss him.

Fusil: Para nosotros es un viaje. Sin procedencia, tripulación y de destino subjetivo.

Fusil: For us, it’s a trip. Without origin, nor crew and of subjective destination.

Seis Ausente: El seis ausente, el tres caído y el uno bien. Esta rola es un acertijo. Can you dig it?

Seis Ausente: El seis ausente, el tres caído y el uno bien. This song is a riddle. Can you dig it?

Black Lodge: Fué la primer pieza que compusimos para este álbum y para nosotros sirvió de transición, ya que se comenzó con el primer baterista y se terminó con el segundo. El nombre de la canción y los sampleos provienen de la serie de David Lynch “Twin Peaks.

Black Lodge: It was the first song we composed for this album and it worked as a transition for us, since it started with the first drummer and ended with the second one. The name of the song and the samples come from David Lynch’s series “Twin Peaks”.

Last On Air: Rock duro para flotar. Al fin y al cabo, todo se desintegra.

Last On Air: Pure floating rock. In the end, it all falls apart.

Press Notes:

Muuk is an experimental rock band born in Mexico City in the early 2013. They are a perfect mix electronic elements (turntable, sequences, synthesizers, acoustic drums and random audio samples) with traditional rock elements (guitar, bass and drums). The result is a dense, thunderous and frenetic instrumental music. They usually use uncommon harmonies to create entrapping atmospheres and the improvisational passages that hurdle you through each track.

The middle has been very busy since day one.

In 2013 they recorded a homemade EP with which helped them start making appearances at the big open air festivals with collectives such as Aquí no Hubo Escena, Colapso Post Rock, Lxs Grixes, Noise Affair, among others.

The band followed up their 2013 release with a small hand-made physical release in 2015. It was well received by both their fans and the media alike. The album was named one of the best of the year internationally (Indie Rocks, Sound & Vision), and being reviewed in many more national media such as Marvin, IMAS, URL Magazine, Letras Explícitas, Noisey, and some international as the American page Remezcla, Post Rock (the most important web com-munity in the world in instrumental music diffusion) experimental) the Ukrainian blog Faeton Music, the Italian blog Atlas of Sound and in radio programs Código DF Radio, GritaRadio and NoFM Radio among others, highlighting the tracks “Are You Mad”, “De Niro” and “Trypophobia”.

In that same year they appear in the documentary Aquí No Hubo Escena (Here There Was No Scene) (by the collec-tive of the same name), which was an amazing snapshot of the independent music scene of Mexico City.

In May 2018 they recorded in Wicce Records, along with some members from B.A.R.D.O.S.S., a free improvisation session titled Octómano. And in July of the same year they took part in the Hipnosis festival in its lineup revelation gig in the Indie Rocks forum.

Muuk has performed in some of the most important venues in Mexico City. such as Foro Indie Rocks, Caradura, Im-perial, Pasagüero, Multiforo Cultural Alicia, Multiforo 246, Centro de Cultura Digital y Bajo Circuito, among others, as well as in several states of the country, such as Guadalajara, Aguascalientes, Querétaro, Puebla, Morelia and Oaxaca.

In 2019, the band finished their second album, “Balbuceo” which was mixed by Alap Momin, founding member of Dälek in New York and mastered by Alan Douches in West West Side Studios (Swans, Chelsea Wolfe, Thw Chemi-cal Brothers, Animal Collective, among others).

It was with this second full length album the band caught the attention of Devil in the Woods.