Baltimore singer-songwriter Brendon Massei, is the ‘hero’ behind Viking Moses. A freak folk project that is set to release its 5th abum ‘Cruel Child‘ on Friday, April 5th on Epifo. Here, on Last Day Deaf, and this is not an Arpil Fool’s one, feel more than blessed to share with you the exclusive album stream in its entirety. Get ready fo 12 “stories” of love, despair, passion, dreams that never came true, tenderness…. Straight from the heart to yourvery own.

Especially fans of  Will Oldham, and David Eugene Edwards, should embrace this raw masterpiece… Enough from us!

…I don’t want to grow up,

In a world that will never be the same...”

…She call my name.

She live for the fight.

I live for the same, terrified…

“…It’s pretty how they are covered,

With pretty little clothes….”

“…Just stay with me,

And let this trouble pass…”

“...I hid in my door, I hid my face, I hid my words, I hid my ways,

and I hid my Lord. Forget a pretty minute, and what they’d do…”

“…But I don’t let nobody tell me nothin’, forget it,

cause it’s love, it’s never gonna die...”

“…And feel the surrounding skin

And the blood that flows within….”

“…Should the pollen of the clear

tear the fallen from their fear...”

“...No, I never would have to kill for the killing kind…”

“…Now hold on, it’s never quite like this,

because life’s romanticized, and it’s passed on in a kiss….”

“…I know how it feels to be alive,

With no desire to live…”

“…Take tender...”

Press Notes:

Nearly 13 years since his proper debut as Viking Moses, Baltimore musician Brendon Massei is slated to release his fifth album, Cruel Child. As one would expect from someone who is noted for having consistently toured since 1993, Cruel Child offers a dozen dusty and deep and wistful explorations of the soul, written in such a manner they could only have come from a master traveler of dark and imposing paths both literal and philosophical.

Yet in darkness, light; it would be wrong to fully assume that Cruel Child is an album that wallows in its misery. Yes, Massei sings with a deep and haunted voice reminiscent of Mark Lanegan, Will Oldham, and David Eugene Edwards, but like those masters, Massei is adept at hiding beautiful, tender, and positive messages that are shrouded in mystery and melancholy. The power of devotion to love can be found in the swampy gospel grunge of “Let This Trouble Pass,” the slow jam R&B rhythm of “Killing Kind” builds upon the tension of impatience, and the desolate power of bleak country emboldens the unfolding beauty of love in the one-two knockout album-closing punch of “A World So Full Of Love” and “Take Tender,” both of which are astonishingly beautiful love songs presented in a heartbreaking arrangement not seen since Townes Van Zandt.

Cruel Child is an album of dark sounds, to be sure; it is a beautiful darkness, though–one that should not be feared, but embraced. It is an album that unfolds itself slowly; its foreboding and lonely trails growing lighter on subsequent listens, revealing hidden beauty and truth with every visit.