There is an undeniable bittersweet presence in all of Evripidis Sabatis (Evripidis And His Tragedies) songs but ‘Island‘ may be the song that expresses it best out of his whole repertoire. The track, chosen to open his third release ‘Futile Games In Space And Time‘, insists on the desire to escape with his lover to an imaginary island, a place where problems do not exist. An island that represents everything their love won’t ever be: ordinary. That dreams fades throughout the song, as all the things that will never come to be, just for pursuing another dream: being forever with his lover.

On the music video, shot by long time collaborator Jordi Estrada, a troubled trio appears through the city debris. A relationship that will swallow the weak, an addiction that will burn his veins until it produces physical hurt. A dark ode to youth and the things left behind, or beneath, to fulfill that dream. Just for wanting to have enough time to build their own island together.