Only six days remaining until Future Sonic Festival II, and now it’s the best momentum to have a brief chat with the event’s oranizers, Thodoris Koutsogiannis and Alexios Othon Theodoridis. Let’s get some info about this very interesting festival then…

Let’s start this brief Q&A, with this one: What was the idea behind Future Sonic Festival? In what way does it differ (if so) from the rest wave events?

The idea for the festival came to our minds last year. We wanted to do something different than other festivals and wanted bands with a variety of styles to participate in it, not necessarily with similar sound and music influences to ours.

Apart from Boxes Of Blow, what made you choose The Cabin Fever & Wanderlust for the 2nd edition of the Future Sonic Fest?

We already knew The Cabin Fever, they have participated at our previous festival. We like their sound and we know that it is a band with many years of presence in the Greek scene.

Wanderlust is a newly created electric pop band and we wanted their first gig to be in our festival. We enjoy giving the opportunity to young artists to present their work.

Boxes of Blow are currently in studio. We are recording and producing songs for our first LP.

Would you consider including other than “wave” bands/acts in future editions, or do you prefer to keep it genre-related?

For the next festival we would like to have more bands with different sounds again as well as more experimental and electronic ones, so as to combine several genres.

Which other festivals would you consider most inspiring and why?

We like the Let Me Know Festival because it has electronic bands and we also like the Park Festival at Tritsis Park, as it hosts many different kinds of music. Additionally, Christian Overload Fest is quite interesting as it presents bands with a variety of influences.

What holds the future for the fest? Any vision? Is it just fun?

It’s always fun for us to organize such events. In the future we would like to bring bands from Europe, USA etc., and to become a two – day festival.

Christos Doukakis