It’s with great emotion that we announce that Malcolm Mooney and Jaki Liebezeit will meet to reincarnate Can‘s music on stage. A concert accompanied by the London Symphony Orchestra (conducted by Irmin Schmidt), Thurston Moore and Steve Shelley (Sonic Youth).

The concert will consist of two parts: The first in which Can members & the London Symphony Orchestra will perform a tribute to Can through  “An Homage to Can”, a sort of medley that’s arousing no little curiosity. The second part of the show will move on to a super band (Liebezeit, Moore and Shelley along with yet unannounced special guests) that will close the show.

After 50 years or so we shall have the good fortune to be able to assist you to a rare spectacle in which the kraut/progressive rock masters will give us unique and lost emotions. Do not underestimate the presence of Sonic Youth members, that will very likely wax a superb performance with their rock charge. The concert will be held at the Barbican Hall in London in April. Now we need only to wait ‘Tago Mago‘.

Antonio Cristofaro