Geomagnetic Records welcomes the Kreaminals project, and presents killer EP ‘Urban Tribes‘! Kreaminals is the psytrance project formed by the two Spanish artists Álvaro Hernando Gavilán, aka Alviker and Pedro Rodríguez Sánchez. When they met in 2015 in Madrid, they were both experienced young guys on different sides of electronic music: Alviker was a natural talented deejay and Pedro was a brilliant producer and musician. They started to share knowledge with each other and became a powerful duo. Soon, they started to organize parties together in Madrid, playing as single deejays (Alviker and P.T Raw).
In 2017, as they had been decided to focus KREAM, their most popular party, on psytrance music, they also decided to show themselves on that party as a new psytrance duo, so they would play and produce their own tracks together. Based on the party name, they would call this duo “Kreaminals”.
His first, “La Llamada”, was a self-release in 2018. From that moment, they keep learning and producing psytrance music with powerful progressive basslines, ethnic influences, and fresh groovy sounds.”