The cocktail for the summer is served.  The recipe is easy.

Take the techno of Ancient Methods and the electronics of Orphx, shake a bit and we get ‘Eschaton II‘: superb work, full of power and apocalyptic sounds by Eschaton project. Sounds that accompany the most monotonous summer evenings creating fantastic atmosphere . The album consists of only 4 tracks. A crescendo that’s impossible to resist. The ritualistic mood, as indicated by the titles of  the songs is also very nice. Check out the track listing:

  1. Deus Irae
  2. Those Who Obey
  3. Answer My Prayer
  4. No Other Gods Before Me

It is an apocalyptic design that will surely make inroads into the hearts of every listener.So be prepared to liven up your evenings breaking the monotony with this wonderful collaboration .

Antonio Cristofaro

A real masterpiece: