Epileptics is a secretive duo that keeps releasing experimental electronic music since 2013. razorz (vocals/electronics) had a brief chat with Last Day Deaf, and rough editing was deliberate so as to keep the conversation as lively as possible. Welcome to the provocative, but so very interesting, world of Epileptics. Proceed carefully…Explicit content! 

So, please introduce Epileptics to Last Day Deaf readers…

razorz/vocals and electronics / dann k/vocals and electronics

Recently you released your LP through the Russian imprint YOUTH 1984. How did this collaboration come about?

Recently? That was in October 2014 I believe haha…

It was removed from all digital stores and streaming websites months ago because of a copyright problem our label had with someone who stole an entire record and released as his own. There was a physical release but it’s sold out. Now it has been reuploaded to digital stores.

Collaboration with YOUTH 1984? How did this come about?

Back in 2014 we had like 3 songs and they got in touch and asked us to join the label, we had like 3 songs only at that point, they have always been supportive with our ideas.


What’s your opinion on witch house genre? Are you in fond of bands like Salem? Would you characterize your music as witch house?

It’s very diverse but I don’t keep up with witch house releases, most of them are trash, just daft nonsense and copycats. I don’t believe we are witch house, maybe a couple of songs sound like it but most of them don’t, I was fond of bands like S4LEM but not too much anymore, their fans kinda ruined it for me.

A few months ago you released ‘Eyeliner’ video.  Are you happy with its reception? Who’s the artist behind this?

People get really freaked out when they see it, I like that, all visuals were done by Gordon Von Steiner, who makes videos and photos for Vogue in Italy.

Reading in discogs about Epileptics, I could only find diverse information about you. Is this deliberate? Where are you from? Are you involved also in black metal? Would you like to clarify?

That info on discogs makes me laugh, I still wonder who the fuck wrote that haha, me and the original vocalist used to be in black metal bands before Epileptics but none of them was really known or popular as far as I know

Would you like to name them?

I wouldn’t, sorry.

No problem. Which are your favorite artists for 2016 so far, or even new albums?

You really left me thinking for a while with this one but I couldn’t think of anything released this year, let alone releases that I like.


Whats your opinion on modern electronic music? Which artists/bands would you choose as the most influential for you?

I’m clueless to be honest, I do not listen/like electronic music that much, I hate most electronic “artists” and the trendiness and laziness of it, I like noisy stuff like Atari Teenage Riot or Prodigy, chiptune and old rave music with lots of breakbeats or glitches

Back to Epileptics now. What’s your process of making music? Who brings the idea? Is it a spontaneous thing?

Yeah, I could be wherever in whatever situation and a good idea comes to mind and I try to capture it at that moment, cuz usually they never come back.

What kind of equipment are you using?

Digital synths and lots of samples I record or edit, we only use midi controllers right now, I’m not really into the analogue revival thing, but we sample a lot which is kinda old skool I guess, nobody samples that much anymore.

Would you like to share your thoughts how do you feel as a European citizen with the current situation we are living in? The recent attack in Nice, the failed ‘coup’ in Turkey?

I am not European, our ex-vocalist/synth player was, but we are not, again I’m clueless, the less I know the better, I’m pretty ignorant on many many things.

Future plans regarding Epileptics?

Our debut EP comes out sometime soon and it’s called ‘The Sun Hurts My Eyes’ via YOUTH 1984 in Russia/Europe, Fika Recordings in Spain/Scandinavia and All Hail Pessimism in America, live shows also coming but as of now I’m not sure where we are going to play

Thank you for your time. You can close this interview the way you like…

Make earthquakes.

Christos Doukakis