20 electrify-ing(!) tales from the recent digital electronic “crop”. From gabber to dubstep and even further…

DataBass – ‘Journey of Anubis’ 

Starting this Electrified round-up, with the ritualistic, highly cinematic, with dungeon music elements, ambient treasure ‘Journey of Anubis‘, by producer, vocalist, pianist, and trumpeter from Richmond, Indiana, Kathleen Arndt, and her music vehicle DataBass. According to the press notes, the track is “based on of Egyptian Mythology; specifically focused on the journey of Anubis while he delivers and protects souls on the journey to the underworld“. Mythic!

Berkan Cesur – ‘An Ode to Those Faking Normalcy’

Electronic music producer from Istanbul, Berkan Cesur strikes back with his ‘An Ode to Those Faking Normalcy‘, a 4-minute, genre-bending sonic drift, with elements of idm, ambient, synthwave and gradually shifting to Meshuggah stylized [mathematically calculated] metal riffs and heavy drums. This tune is an ode to who fake normality in their daily life… Enjoy responsibly! 

AbsolutUnsa – ‘Ecoute’ – Kinky Da Fresh Edition

After last year’s definitive, electro pop banger, ‘Écoute‘, AbsolutUnsa gifted us with another house version Kinky Da Fresh Edition, destined for endless, “sensual” dancing…

Boneve – ‘Marbles on a Journey’

Aussie producer Boneve‘s ‘Marbles on a Journey‘ is a nihilistic, glitchy blend of idm with downtempo, with an impeccable sound, and the appropriate twisted, but also cinematic, vibes to guarantee a sonic drift, far from common… The target is the listener’s subconscious, and we definitely suggest to listen to this rare gem on headphones, late at night for the maximum experience!

Myxzlplix – ‘HZRDYZ’

Next up we find the opening track from the  Techniche Recordings compilation, the minimal, dark techno number ‘HZRDYZ‘ by the American producer Myxzlplix (and label founder). Apart from this banger, some of the names included in this massive compilation are Scanner Darkly, Villainous Gents & Sleepy & Boo.

Mark Wise  – ‘Metal’ – Original Mix

The 2nd track, of the recently released ‘Heavy Metal‘ EP, by the New Jersey techno producer and DJ Mark Wise. ‘Metal‘, is a pure techno rock-metal hybrid, with a massive dose of energy! Let’s club n’ roll! According to Wise, this a new style, “heavy metal techno“, and we couldn’t agree more!

Habitat Canada – ‘Blindsight’

High time we eased down the tension a bit, with the moody synthwave/chillwave magnum opus with some divine arpeggios, by Canadian outfit Habitat Canada. Prepare yourselves, for a gradual, anthemic climax, like Kavinsky jamming with Jean-Michel Jarre. Out on London-based DRRT Records.

Dveyl – ‘Point Nemo’

The almost 6-minute chilling, ambient piece ‘Point Nemo‘ by St. Petersburg named Denis and his artist moniker Dveyl, was among the biggest genre surprises of the past few months. Intense, with unearthly melodies and unbroken progression, keeps the listener absorbed from start to finish. Beware of frostbites!

Tulamor – ‘Route 88’

A highly energetic trance vortex by the Polish piledriver Tulamor and his latest track ‘Route 88‘; Genuinely balancing dark with psychedelic & goa trance, and with an unforgettable climax after 1.50 mark that will leave some of you nostalgic of the 90s golden era with labels such as Blue Room Released & Trust In trance Records.

^L_ – ‘Mongrel Dog’

Behind ^L_ acronym, is the Brazilian producer & artist Luis Fernando, and ‘Mongrel Dog‘ is a high-spirited, idm opus with breakbeat elements and a healthy dose of experimentation. The track’s values mostly relies on the ever-changing progression, and the addictive vibes, mixing melody with dynamic. Not to mention the professional sound and the great mastering by Ride Perfekt. On endless repeat!

Duchamp-Killer – ‘I will have a chance’

Portuguese producer Duchamp-Killer‘s ‘I will have a chance‘ is an almost 7-minute, slow-burning, trip-hop treasure, with gentle chill-hop finishing touches and a cosmic, spacey flavour that adds more to the plot. Patient listeners and 90s trip-hop aficionados will definitely get rewarded!

Sundawner – ‘Krystal Dreams’ – Madwave Remix

Swiis DJ Madwave‘s remix on Sundawner’s epic track ‘Krystal Dreams‘, is a stunning, uplifting trance euphoria in the vein of living legends, Ferry Corsten, Paul van Dyk  & Armin van Buuren. Hands up till you drop; A vital floor-filler!

Defrag – ‘Glass Ship’

A release via visionary label Hymen Records (sub-label of Ant-Zen) is always more than welcome for fans of experimental electronic and out of the box electronica music. Jeff Dodson‘s Defrag recently released an industrial/idm downtempo track ‘Glass Ship’ with an eye-watering visualizer, a haunting experience of future dystopia, reminiscent of brave acts like Kalte Farben, Orphx & Ah Cama-Sotz.


REAPER‘s return to Bassrush Records with ‘XLR8‘ is a fabulous & a super vigorous one: The track “is a love letter written about the relationship between dance and DJ, bridging the gap between jungle/drum n’ bass…”. Massive!

evrdo – ‘Ocean’

Paris-based producer and artist evrdo‘s most recent release, ‘Ocean‘, is an alluring mix of ambient, fture garage and chill music, with rich sonic tapestries and emotive vibes that will directly seep into your brain & soul!

SEBO SENTO – ‘glass’

glass‘ is an outlandish, downtempo gem by German producer SEBO SENTO, with melancholic soundscapes and affectionate, whispery, female vocals that add more to the mix and turn this track to a pure ear-gasm for the eclectic few!

SHSHA – ‘Blink’

SHSHA‘s ‘Blink‘ is a pure underground, warehouse techno number, with trance character and heavily influenced by the rave sound and culture. Its step-by-step progression keep the listener -and dancer- obsessed with this gem until the very last drop! “Music for the pandemic generation

M.F.S: Observatory & Lazy Ants – ‘Time 128’

London-based mainstay M.F.S: Observatory recently teamed up with Lazy Ants and the exceptional result was the 3-track ‘Lassameperdere EP‘ via Kneaded Pains label. ‘Time 128‘ is the track we chose, a tech house banger of volcanic energy with a minimal techno touch that will set you on fire!

Lo-Fi Eamonn – ‘snowbell’

British produced and artist Lo-Fi Eamonn (Eamonn Watt) never fails to amaze us, this time with his sweet ear-candy ‘snowbell‘,  a superb chilled out and lo-fi hip-hop treat ideal for studying, meditating and….. ultimately dreaming! 

Makson – ‘Dimension’

Makson is a unique Ukrainian composer. “The Quality,not Quantity” – the main motto of this composer. ‘Dimension‘ is the stellar, opening, idm, with psy-chill finishing touches, track off his just released 3-track EP! 


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