20 electrify-ing(!) tales from the recent digital electronic “crop”. From gabber to dubstep and even further…

Future Museums – ‘Leaving the Vessel’ 

Kicking off this ‘current’ (it’s been a while since the previous one!) with the latest, stunning single and video by Austin-based multi-instrumentalist Neil Lord, and his experimental/drone/kraut-rock project Future Museums. ‘Leaving the Vessel‘ is a magnificent, trance-inducing piece of art, which unfolds its extraterrestrial beauty in 5 mins, with that space-y vibe, but not of the vacuum and the unknown, but that of the infinite and the hospitality of the unknown.

The single (digital release) is out on tape and vinyl record label from Austin, TX Holodeck Records.

JPS – ‘The Box’

The Box‘ by Swedish electronic project JPS is an unmissable 8+ minute treat for fans of Kraftwerk and minimal techno. And you will have to wait for the unexpected, in this ‘electronic heaven’ and be patient. What starts in the vein of the aforementioned German pioneers, later transforms in an idm/techno beauty for the demanding fans of electronic ‘vacuums’ (The Black Dog & Autechre came in mind!). 

Out on the newly established and very much promising, Gothenburg label EnoraRec.

Will you open ‘the box’?

Audio Dope – ‘Bogatyr Ridge

Hope you are ready for some downtempo perfection by Swiss artist Audio Dope and his track ‘Bogatyr Ridge‘ from his latest album ‘Superlunary‘, which was out on April 24th. In this alluring gem, Audio Dope creates exquisite soundscapes like a painter does, but always with light touches on his sonic canvas. Warm textures, impeccaple production, endless melody and progressive attitude develop this track in my personal fave from his… So far!

Azu Tiwaline – ‘Omok’

Azu Tiwaline comes Tunisia and her latest track ‘Omok‘ is an unexpected experience in which the listener gets lost in a pretty unique state of trance with no easy come-back. Minimal global bass heavily influenced by Berberian and Saharan trance music, over-the-top sound & production and an accompanying tempting & trippy video, shot on b&w, and directed by Tiwaline herself, promise an unexampled audiovisual treasure!

Prepare yourselves for a deep journey into your “inner-soul”…Obsession.

I Wear* Experiment – ‘Unwind’

A Nordic electro pop/post-rock band from Tallinn, Estonia, comes next, their name is I Wear* Experiment, and their latest track ‘Unwind‘ is an electro-pop gem featuring fairy-like vocals, melodies that will seep in your brain and endless positivity, which is so much needed in this difficult for everybody era. A perfect treasure to get lost in, destined for repeated listens!

Arenas – ‘Mount Wachusett’

Mount Wachusett‘ by Arenas is a track inspired Brazilian funk music and also ‘a state reservation in Massachusetts where the artist did LSD for the first time‘. The track is a splendid jazz-hop treat taken from the recently released 7-track album ‘Inner ocean‘. Finely-calibrated…

IKSRE – ‘August’

Aussie electronic darling IKSRE (this stands for I Keep Seeing Rainbows Everywhere the moniker for Naarm/Melbourne-based multi instrumentalist and producer, Phoebe Dubar) is back for good with another smashing track ‘August‘, where ambient/drone, neoclassical, experimental become one solid entity to unleash an eternal melody.

Love what this lady’s doing, since each release by her is a wholly unique venture, so make sure you press the play button below and close your eyes…  Meditative, eerie & intoxicating….

Pe Simon – ‘Free Day’

A compelling tune by Cologne-based beatmaker Pe Simon is what I really need now. ‘Free Day‘, which is available for free download, is a heavily influenced by trip-hop downtempo, paired with a synth bass and some cool voice samples from an old educational movie. Crashing!

MYNN – ‘Boy U Changed My Life’

Uplifting old-school trance vibes, beautiful female vocals and boundless energy is the latest gift ‘Boy U Changed My Life‘ by New Zealand project MYNN.  For our readers who are around their 40s and they were melting themselves in sweat in the 90s warehouse trance parties, it’s high time you get up from the chair and start cutting a rug. As for the younger ones this is a must-listen!

Altvater – ‘Nakata’

Need to chill down a bit I guess, after the ‘above’ crazy dancing, and couldn’t be a better chill downtempo than the latest one by Altvater. ‘Nakata‘ simply confirms the rumors of the artist’s greatness, since it’s a fine mixture of seductive electronic soundscapes, lovely female vocals, a nori sexy saxophone and solid, mammoth beat ‘work’. Magnetic!


German beat-maker DYVN (David Nilles his birth name) informs us that ‘EAT YO GREEEN$‘ was inspired by ‘anything green. Gaining cash, tripping out and staying healthy‘. Love its jazzy vibes and the bold experimental spirit in this pure jazz-hop treat. 

NOCKTERN – ‘Dark Water’

One of the most memorable audiovisual experiences of the last few months, comes by Bulgarian artist NOCTERN with his latest release ‘Dark Water‘. This is contemporary, dark electronica with an expressive vocal performance and some seriously stunning b&w visuals.

The artist’s statement about this opus: ‘Immersion in the dark water is a metaphor for taking advantage of the humanity of others and losing one’s self. When your primary goal is to survive sometimes you choose to be influenced by that poison motive and your humanity evaporates‘.

Dark delicacy!

Flub the Dub – ‘The Sparkling Riches’

Electronic music is mainly “the vibes unleashed”. Flub the Dub seem to be well aware of this, and the proof is their latest downtempo/nu-jazz track ‘The Sparkling Riches‘; Louis Selvitella (bass, keyboards) & Lee Leffler (guitars, keyboards)  -both former members of Torso-, create top quality jazzy downtempo with flawless groove and lush nostalgia to dive in…

Alain Dorra – ‘Cloudy church

French electronic synthpop musician Alain Dorra is influenced by the likes of Tangerine Dream, Ashra, Ronny Jordan, Mahavishnu Orchestra, Soft Machine, the early-era Pink Floyd, Scandinavian jazz among others.

Cloudy church‘ combines all the aforementioned influences in a cute little piece of music a psychedelic lounge pop track with the feeling of escapade dominant from start to finish. Utterly adorable!

Matt Mosquito – ‘Le Funk’

Digging this electro funk treat by British producer Matt Mosquito and this may very well be the dancing anthem (or at least one of them!) for the global quarantine era.

Le Funk‘ is hot and fully danceable. No resistance!

Photøgraph – ‘Train’

While on their 1st week of confinement French band Photøgraph composed ‘Train‘, The warm synths hug the listeners and let them chill in a cloud of sweet nostalgia while we enjoy the band perform on their own but at the same time connected. An instrumental piece full of vibes and impatience for the next day.. The ‘independence’ one!

Toniowok – ‘Sacrée Sœur’

Sacrée Sœur‘ by French producer Toniowok is a joyful, old-school house track conceived ‘under the sign of good humor, the sun and a certain celebration of life‘. Simply, cannot get enough from this wicked paino and its catchy melody.

Soul Candy – ‘Soul Sucka’

American artist Soul Candy rewards us with a skillful electro funk jam and light future bass finishing touches in his latet gem ‘Soul Sucka‘. A solid tune full of groove including also some tasty ‘candy rock’ guitar riffs. Top-notch!

Yoga Beats – ‘Seattle Sparks’

Yoga Beats unleashes chill instrumental music for focus, rest, studying, yoga and socializing. ‘Seattle Sparks‘ needs no more than 75 seconds to infect our brain… On repeat!

Dirty Freud – ‘Lies’ (featuring Eckoes)

Ending this ‘current’ with an “electrodub” banger by British producer & DJ Dirty Freud (had a great 2019 being played on BBC 1xtra, BBC 6 Music and playing live at festivals such as Glastonbury, Boomtown, Greenman and All Points East).

Lies‘ is an intense, genre-breaking song, that contains elements of dubstep, 2-step garage, bassline, reggae. Leading-edge, fresh & addictive!


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