20 electrify-ing(!) tales from the recent digital electronic “crop”. From gabber to dubstep and even further…

Stan Christ – ‘Lethal Zone’ 

Dutch techno producer Stan Christ recently released his 5th track ‘Lethal Zone‘ which recalls the 90s rave days but also combines the current hard techno brightness. A stunning techno production, which is ready-made for the post-pandemic warehouse parties!

Shelter Calm – ‘New Toys’ – Edit

Behind the Shelter Calm moniker is Stewart Cuthew, known on the Nottingham scene for his band Time in Antarctica. With the new lockdown (ab)normal, Stewart found some time to spend on his solo project, and ‘New Toys’ is one of the first samples; A gentle mix of retrowave and idm, highly atmospheric and melodic, and above all an utterly addictive experience. 

Vex Message – ‘Data Regime’

Next up we have the debut single and video ‘Data Regime‘ by Lancaster trio Vex Message (Hope, Kirkham and Meins), produced by the band and mixed by Jag Jago (The Maccabees, Florence and the Machine, Jessie Ware). The song, which ‘is an exploration of our digital age, online surveillance and the paranoia of our times‘, is a kraut-y indietronica brew, with obsessive rhythm and catchy melody. Catch those dudes on their first step… Very much promising stuff!

LutchamaK – ‘Fathers & Sugar’

The opening track from LutchamaK‘s ‘Quest’ EP, ‘Fathers & Sugar‘, is a smooth, hypnotic techno treat that will transfer the listener on lazy summer night somewhere near the sea. A breezy, atmospheric & finely calibrated aural adventure at 124 bpm.  

Toxic Positivity – ‘Olēka’

Sacramento producer Toxic Positivity proves with ‘Olēka‘, that he’s more than capable of constructing highly gripping soundscapes and atmospheres, but also transporting the listener to a brand new world like Guillermo del Toro‘s “Pan’s Labyrinth“, or perhaps Dario Argento‘s “Suspiria“. This one is an unforgettable, hair-raising, downtempo track, and we suggest to listen on headphones with  just a dim light on.

Ada Moreau – ‘Wavebreaker’

High time for some inner peace, and ‘Wavebreaker‘ by half Dutch/half Polish artist based in Stockholm, Sweden Ada Moreau, is a fitting one. Neoclassical minimalism is gently paired with soaring ambient soundscapes to unleash an exceptional, calming energy vibe for the restless souls.

The love of the ocean, all it gave. A fear of the ocean, all it took. The wave breaker as a symbol of remaining in some stillness, maintaining a position, whether or not the sea rages or glitters calmly under the sun.” – Ada Moreau on ‘Wavebreaker’

Kawari – ‘Indra’

INDRA is the ancient Hindu deity of the water including storms, rains and river flows. KAWARI in Japanese means “last reflection of sunlight on water right before sunset”. For Italian artist Kawari (aka Luca Vergano) INDRA becomes a symbol of haven for him. Loved this alloy of lo-fi house with downtempo and the use of kora (played by Kawari himself) helps create and unleash the dreamy and playful vibe. Melodious and well produced with a well-balanced progression, this one gets better and better with repeated play.

One Jenda – ‘The Smoke’

We can confirm you that this ultimate tech house banger by British producer One Jenda will leave you with a silly smile on your face, sweating from the frenzy dancing. ‘The Smoke‘ is an absurd, dynamic tech house production  to ‘un-rust’ your bones from the endless lockdowns! Essential….

Danny C. Tone & Jessie Wagner – ‘Good Love’

Good love‘ is the debut track by ormer Stuttgart resident DJ Danny C. Tone, in which he collaborates with Jessie Wagner on vocals. The result is a great disco house production with expressive soulful vocals and 70s disco aesthetics. As for the video, based on an art house film, directed by Max Fohrer, is an absolute fun to watch and is more than an ideal companion. Grooovy!

Rave Busterz – ‘Mind Hack’

Rave Busterz come from Germany (Bochum) and have been active since early 90s releasing techno, rave and happy hardcore stuff.  Yup, they are an old hand in the scene, and we feel more than happy to be back once again with new sounds and the brand new ‘Mind Hack EP‘, from which we chose the self-titled track. This is real monolithic techno at 140 bpm for every rave addict! Blessed….

Taurean – ‘Feel It Ride’

Feel It Ride‘ by Taurean is a phenomenal progressive/tech house production with an anthemic drop at around 2.30 mark with the heavenly pads that will simply take your brain away! This one is massive! Prepare for take off after the 2nd minute!

Lotte Pen – ‘Entree’

Award winning saxophonist and music composer Lotte Pen recently gifted us with a sample from the upcoming debut album dropping this Autumn.  ‘Entree‘ is a magical, ambient/downtempo drift with contemporary music elements, and its spiral climax, the sound blending from ancient to futuristic, and the melodies glowing with colour and quality will directly seep into your brain…For weeks….Until Autumn!

Aonian – ‘Hideout (Edit)’

Aonian is ‘the moniker of Alkis Livathinos, a Greek born and London based producer- sonically infuses downtempo, trippy dance electronica with Mediterranean sounds‘. The 2nd chapter of his upcoming debut album is ‘Hideout (Edit)‘, a sentimental fusion of downtempo electronica and organic mellow soundscapes. A magnetic production with a substantial Mediterranean essence, that will be this summer’s soundtrack….

This Coast Bias – ‘4solong

Lo-fi bedroom-pop project This Coast Bias recently released ‘4solong‘, a bouncy, electro pop sensation with confessional words like: “I’ve wanted you back for so long, for so long,“. An anthemic chorus paired with glorious 80s synths, to remind 80s-era teens of “Top Gun“, Amiga 500 and CCCP….

Lake Night – ‘The Heart in Slow Motion’

British multi-instrumentalist, electronic musician Lake Night is one of the latest signings of Bad Life label, and ‘The Heart in Slow Motion‘ is his debut single. This is a stunning, emotive melodic techno/downtempo experience, that combines electronica with contemporary music elements. Just have a listen to those divine strings and we bet you are not going to leave this one anytime soon!

A must-listen for fans of Erased Tapes Records

RecursiveIdentity – ‘shifty’

What happens if Behringer synths (TD-3, RD-8, Pro-1) are sequenced by Korg SQ-1, with Roland space echo? Well, American fractal artist and producer RecursiveIdentity has the answer with ‘shifty‘, an atypical marriage of 90 acid techno with 80s monolithic electro, that is! You’ve been warned….

Bastelbande – ‘Shelter Syndrome’ (feat. Domitie)

Bastelbande is the German production duo consisting of  André Meyer and Mathias Wilhelm, and for their latest single ‘Shelter Syndrome‘ they teamed up with French, enigmatic ‘fairy’ Domitie. The melancholic trip-hop soundscapes are genuinely combined with the sweet mysticism the vocals unleash to create an unexampled sonic experience, for all of those who still miss 90s Bristol days.

Padre Tóxico – ‘Set and Setting’

Set and Setting‘ is the second track from Polish producer Padre Tóxico‘s latest album ‘The Tripping Point‘, an anthemic minimal house/downtempo delight with some stunning pads to lose yourselves to. Padre Tóxico needs no more than  a few seconds to unfold the song’s beauty, but it’s that “caracole” build-up that makes the difference and will propably besot you. 

Alighted – ‘Resurfaced’

Los Angeles based producer McLean Macionis launches his solo project Alighted with debut EP ‘Resurfaced‘, from which we chose the self-tiled and opening track: A dazzling idm composition with playful mood, outstanding production and angelic melodies that will keep you engaged from the first second to the last one. The rumbling bass is absolutely matched with the warm arpeggiated melody to create a bona fide antithesis for demanding listeners! 

Mohawk & The Kid – ‘DREAMING’

Mohawk & The Kid is a Swedish project started by a father and his son, and it all began when The kid was born and when Mohawk discovered his music have changed since then. The latest single ‘DREAMING‘ is released on Potion Records, and is a mesmerizing blend of electro swing with indie electronic, full of positive vibes and dance-y mood, to  help us all through this difficult era, and keep us……DREAMING!


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