Ectoplasma is an old-school death metal band from Athens, Greece formed in 2013. So far they have released one full-length album, one demo and a split with Hatevomit. On January 6th they will appear at the 8ball Club in Thessaloniki under the “Baptized In Black Blood Fest.“.

You are newcomers in the music scene as Ectoplasma. What have you been doing before and how did you guys meet deciding to create the band?

The band was initiated by Giannis Grim and George Wolf. Giannis was playing with Carnal Dread, Humanity Zero and Death Trap and George with Forced In. One day we participated in the same live gig with our bands (Carnal Dread, Forced In) and we met each other and  wanted to enter the studio just to begin jamming and quickly Ectoplasma were unleashed upon mankind.

Your first release is called ‘Spitting Coffins‘ via Morbid Chapel Records. What has been the album’s reception so far?

The album now is sold out and we had very good comments about this release.

Correct me if I am wrong, your first demo ‘Everlasting Deathreign‘ appears on your Bandcamp official page with more tracks as a full-length 2016 album. Is there indeed a complete release of this demo?

Yes you are correct my friend. We had a deal with Morbid Shrine Productions to re-release it with those two extra tracks but the guys were very late and they didn’t keep their word so we told them to “fukk of” in a gently form and we left the tracks on our Bandcamp. The demo was never released with those extra tracks.

You have recently announced the release of a new EP ‘Skeletal Lifeforms‘ (via Repulsive Echo) in December. It includes a cover song from Demigod ‘Towards The Shrouded Infinity’. Is Demigod one of your main influences?

Yes my friend! ‘Skeletal Lifeforms‘ is already released through Metal Throne Productions in tapes and now we wait for the CD release through Repulsive Echo. We love bands like Demigod and we worship Slumber Of Sullen Eyes and yes Demigod is one of our influences.

I’ve noticed apart from the Demigod cover, as well as the cover you did on Slayer’s ‘Hell Awaits’, sounds “dirtier”, thus old-school. Artists who follow previous forms of art can be characterized as nostalgic. Is there a significant audience that still prefers an ‘old school’ sound’?

In my point of view I believe that death metal should be dirty, barbaric, rough, dark and heavier than a ton of concrete blocks. The mud of the riffing should exist in the recording as well as the alive and raw performance of all instruments. So, with this concept as a fan and musician in death metal I belong in this nostalgic audience of the old school, not to be old school but because I am romantic like hell with my music. The extreme talented playing with a sea of endless solos and crystal clear sound for me is not appreciated in death metal and it is boring.

Which are your general musical influences? Other genres that can be found in your work, like thrash or punk elements?

I would say mostly death metal, death/thrash like Merciless and of course thrash metal in the vein of ‘Hell Awaits‘, ‘None Shall Defy‘, ‘Tortured Existence‘, ‘Pleasure To Kill‘ etc… and of course from punk D-beats!! We began with this concept but now mostly we are following the path of Gutted, Baphomet, Judecca, Demigod and so on…

You are going to appear live on January 6th at 8ball Club (“Baptized In Black Blood Fest.”) in Thessaloniki. Have you been active in live shows generally, and what do you expect from this upcoming event?

We participated in “Metal Throne Fest” until now and we are awaiting like hungry werewolves to play in Salonika and our only expectations from this event is… ‘Total Desaster’!!!

As it was mentioned a new EP is on the way in December. When can we expect your next full-length album?

Yes the EP is ready to kill, the tapes are flowing like an everflowing stream and as I mentioned before we are awaiting for the CD release through Repulsice Echo. We already began the composition of new tracks and you can expect a new full length album inside the bowels of 2017!!!

Thank you for your time! Close this interview as you will!

Thank you for this interview and for your support in our music !! GET SICK AND ROT.

Mary Kalaitzidou