Ecstatic Vision bring the past, -which never gets old- sound of psychedelic groove kraut rock, tracing the legacy of Hawkwind, The Stooges and Monster Magnet. Their third album ‘Under The Influence’ is out since May 4th via Relapse Records and since late June the band has ‘taken off’ for a European Tour, including a significant stop in Preston, UK at New Continental on 14th July.

Another great album from Ecstatic Vision! ‘Under The Influence‘ seemed to me quite heavier than the previous. Like, if we had a time machine taking this album with us it would be one of those records which opened the way to heavy metal. Is this album under the influence of that era?

I think this album turned out the heavier in a way, because of the songs we were recording. It also was our best sounding recording so far in my opinion. Every recording is a learning process for the band and I am very happy with where we are at right now.

Your music gives me the impression that there is a lot of jamming/improvisation especially during live shows. Is this true, even when you are working on an album, or is it a step-by-step process?

I am a big fan of proto metal and early heavy-metal recordings and we do try and capture that feeling in ours.

Usually our songs start in the jam room and slowly morph into the songs that end up on the album. We like to play our new songs live to get a feeling of what works best. We record our albums live in the studio so there is always a little bit of wiggle room.

From your info and other interviews you have given, it seems that playing music is a matter of living. In which way is music inseparable from your daily life?

Music is a way of life for everyone in the band. Nowadays you need A side hustle to make some money to play the music that you want with no compromise and that is a great feeling to be able to do it.

You also mention the danger that rock once contained. How do you define “dangerous rock”?

When I was a kid going to shows and concerts, I always preferred the wildcard musicians who were unpredictable. Nowadays rock music has turned into a very safe sterile environment in my opinion.

I don’t want to go to a show and see ‘some act’ I want to see the real deal.

What kind of equipment do you use?

I tend to use low wattage guitar amps from the late 60s with the tape echo. We use acoustic bass amps and homemade speaker cabinets to get our sounds.

Are there other influences besides music which inspire you to compose?

Daily life is an influence but to a much lesser degree then other music we all dig on together. I tend to leave politics out for example.

If you had to take only three albums for a long road trip, which would they be?

We just did a 15 hour drive yesterday. I rocked Captain Beefheart And The Magic Band – ‘Clear Spot‘, Bohannon -‘Keep On Dancin’‘, and Can – ‘Delay 1968‘.

There is a European tour ahead which includes your live show at the New Continental in Preston UK. Will this be your first time in the U.K., a country whose roots of music you are playing?

This is the first time for Ecstatic Vision in the U.K. people have been asking us to come here for about three years now and we are very excited!

Thank you very much for your time! Add anything you wish to close this interview.

Thank you for the interview questions, the interest and help!

Mary Kalaitzidou