Duoyu will be one of the 4 bands playing live at [In Plexus] event on December 29th, at ILION Plus! Don’t expect long intros for this one, since the boys themselves talk much better for themselves! Ladies & Gents…. Welcome Duoyu!

Hey Duoyu, don’t be shy! Introduce yourselves to our readers!

Hallo deaf people! We are Duoyu, a polymorphic group of five people with a particular point of view. We play cynical, angry, deep, ironic, love songs and try to be honest to our feelings through our instruments.

What will happen on 29th December at ILION Plus, at the In Plexus event?

We’ll play our first show after an almost 2 year hiatus alongside with 3 great experimental  bands.  It’s a fantastic opportunity to expand our minds and reach the other side of the Greek underground scene. Also Duoyu will appear for the first time as a 5 piece band with a brand new line up and yes, we are excited.

Atomic Clock’, your debut was self-released back in 2014! What can you recall from those days? How difficult was the recording procedure?

It was a strange and blurry period for us, there was so much tension between everything and we were a virgin band in the studio. Also it was the last days of our former bass player in the band.  The recording wasn’t difficult at all, just stoned.

Please provide us with some back info for the excellent track ‘Arrows’… Main influence? Love?

It is a pop song about denial and how about you can’t let fear conquer your life. Love is always an influence. It just has different meanings. Some people love money, some people love the sky.

Trumpet is a basic element in your music! How did you end up with this instrument? Is ska one of your main influences? Do you like Madness? Terrorvision?

We just love horns! They can fit in every genre and make sound bigger!  Ska is not one of our main influences for sure, but your question made us jam a trippy 2 tone beat right now..

Dunno why to be honest but the initial ‘Accelerando’ riff reminds me so much of The Lapse’s ‘We Must Move Backwards To Progress’! Please discuss…

I never heard this song in my life, sorry. We make circles, music makes circles.

In what way do Duoyu differ from the other projects/bands you are involved with?

In every way. Like a fish out of the water still believe it can fly. Duoyu are personal.

Are Duoyu going to release the 2nd full-length within 2018 then?

Yes it’s almost ready! The album is titled ‘La Difference‘ and it will appear on vinyl this spring.

Answer a question you have always loved to answer and have never had the chance to do…

We question ourselves if there is an answer and maybe we never want to have a convincing one, because if you are certain about something you lose all the magical wondering.  So come on over, we have something for you to dig.

Photo credits: Pariolis

Christos Doukakis